Cross-Cultural communication in a intercultural remote company

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Your insights are invaluable in helping us understand the dynamics of communication across different cultures and how it impacts our work environment. This survey aims to identify key skills, challenges, and best practices in cross-cultural communication to foster a more inclusive and effective remote working environment.

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What is your gender?


How old are you?

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Which department do you belong to?

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How long have you been working at this company?

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What country are you from?


Have you worked in an international team before this position?

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How often do you communicate with colleagues from other countries?

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Which communication methods do you mainly use to work with international colleagues?

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Which cross-cultural communication skills do you consider most essential for effective remote work?

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What tools or practices have you found most helpful in overcoming cross-cultural communication challenges in a remote setting?

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What are the biggest challenges you experience in communicating with international colleagues?

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How often do you encounter misunderstandings due to cultural differences in your communication with colleagues?

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Have you participated in any intercultural competence training provided by the company?

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What types of intercultural competence training would you find most beneficial?

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Do you have any suggestions for improving intercultural communication in your company? Let us know!

Thank you for participating in this survey! Your answers are very valuable and will help improve communication and collaboration in our intercultural, virtual team.