Wool Collecting Systems in Europe

Hello! We appreciate your time and insights in helping us evaluate the current situation of wool collecting systems in Europe. Your feedback is crucial for supporting sustainable practices and revitalizing European wool. Thank you for your participation!


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What is the name of your initiative/business/company, and when did you begin?


To whom is your wool collecting system addressed? Who is the target group?


Please describe your wool collecting system.

How is it organised? Responsibilities? What are your main goals?

What are your criteria to sort the wool?

Did you develop a classification system? Did you develop a wool standard? Do you sort the wool for a specific purpose or for one or more buyers?

What are the advantages, and what are the weaknesses of your wool collecting system?


What can be done on European level to support you/your organisation?


What else is important for you to communicate to us? What additional aspects are of significance to you?


Are you/your organisation interested in participating in a working group "wool collecting system in Europe" on European level?

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