Irish English in Australia

Dear Sir or Madam, the following questionnaire examines how Irish English serves as a tool for cultural and ethnic identity preservation among Irish immigrants and their descendants in Australia.

Please only take part in this survey if you are an Irish immigrant or a descendant of one and you are living (or grew up in) Australia

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The difference between Australian English and Irish English

Irish English: The English language in Ireland has a variant known as Irish English, which is distinguished by specific characteristics. These for example include specific pronunciation and intonation patterns, the usage of "after" in place of "since" to indicate temporal relationships, a unique vocabulary, such as "craic" to mean fun or entertainment, and regional idioms like "soft day" to refer to light rain.

Australian English: Australian English is the variant of the English language spoken in Australia. It is characterized by a distinctive accent, with differences in vowel and consonant pronunciation. The vocabulary includes many specific terms such as "barbie" for a barbecue and "ute" for a pickup truck. Grammatically, it resembles other English variants but also employs unique constructions like "arvo" for afternoon. These features make Australian English a distinct variant of English widely used across Australia.


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What generation of immigrant do you belong to?

1st = you immigrated to Australia 2nd = your parents immigrated to Australia 3rd = your grandparents immigrated to Australia 4th = your great grandparents immigrated to Australia

Which county of Ireland are you/ your ancestors from?

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What is your national identity?

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Do you speak Irish English?


In what context do you speak Irish English?

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Do you consume Irish media?

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If yes, what type of media?

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Which language does your family primarily speak?

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How important is it to you that your children or future generations learn about the Irish (English) language and culture?

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Are you part of an Irish community in Australia?

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How does Irish English influence your interactions within the Irish-Australian community?

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What role do Irish language courses or cultural events in your community play in maintaining a connection to Irish culture?

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Does Irish English contribute to preserving or strengthening your cultural identity as an immigrant/ descendant of immigrants?

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If yes: How so?

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Do you feel like you are free to express you cultural identity in Australia?

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Do you believe that Irish English and culture contribute to the diversity and enrichment of society in Australia?

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