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Cultural diversity in marketing: A survey on the perception of advertising measures in international markets

Dear Participant,

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey.

As part of my Bachelor's thesis on "Successful product adaptation in international markets - analysis of marketing strategies for adapting products to cultural preferences", I am looking at the question: "How do culturally adapted advertising measures affect the perception of people from different nations?"

This survey aims to investigate the relationship between cultural differences and the perception of advertising strategies in international markets. By participating in this survey, you will contribute to the advancement of knowledge in this field.

Your responses will be treated confidentially, and all data collected will be used for research purposes only. Your identity will remain anonymous, and your participation is voluntary. You may withdraw from the survey at any time without penalty.

Please read each question carefully and provide your responses based on your own experiences and opinions. There are no right or wrong answers, and we encourage you to answer each question honestly.

Thank you once again for your participation. Your input is greatly appreciated.


Leon Neumaier

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