Concept Test and Buying Intentions Survey

This is a concept test and buying intentions survey for a business plan of a manufacturing and retailing business that specializes in Bone meal Fertilizers. Bone meal fertilizer is used for farming purposes, the main attribute being the slow release of phosphorous which is good mainly for fruits and other legumes as well as other flowering plants. This slow-release aspect of the bone meal means that the fertiliser is effective for a much longer period than your average fertiliser. The main mission is to create an East African fertilizer that is not only high-quality and long-lasting but also sustainable and beneficial to the environment. From research, these products do not exist on the market yet and only a few are imported from mostly the USA. Therefore, there will be space for this business to grow and succeed in the region and even internationally. Although it is at a higher cost than most fertilizers the benefits are high for customers that want to maintain a high environmental status and do not want to pollute the environment around them.

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