English Poetry Survey

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English poetry

Which era of English poetry do you prefer?

Choose the era that resonates the most with you.

Rate your overall enjoyment of English poetry on a scale of 1 to 10:

Rate your overall enjoyment where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest.

Who is your favorite English poet?

Write the name of your favorite English poet.

Do you tend to prefer rhyming poetry or free verse?

Choose your preference between rhyming poetry and free verse.

What themes do you enjoy in English poetry?

Select the themes that you enjoy most in English poetry.

How often do you read English poetry?

Indicate the frequency of your English poetry reading habits.

What do you find most challenging in understanding English poetry?

Share the aspects that you find challenging in understanding English poetry.

Rate how important rhyme scheme is to you when reading poetry:

Rate the importance of rhyme scheme where 1 is not important and 10 is very important.

Which English poet do you find most influential?

Name the English poet you find most influential in your life.

Would you recommend English poetry to others?

Share whether you would recommend English poetry to others.