Active Citizenship Survey

Hello peeps. It would be great if you could do this survey; I know you probably can't be bothered to do it! Please answer seriously. Thank you!

Some of the answers I have written a few sentences after for you to read; it should help to actually make you understand a bit more about what I'm waffling about... And also help with the results I need. Tvm.


What is your name?


What campus are you from?


How many people do you think have a neurological (brain) condition in the world?

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The correct answer is actually 3 billion +! The entire world population is 8 billion. Actually, all the conditions that people have is all because of something in the brain - it is a brain injury. Brain injury isn't just something that happens because of an accident.


Do you think parents struggle to deal with children that have these conditions - if you do, how much do you think they would struggle?


Do you think the children themselves would struggle with their condition?


Can you change conditions in the brain ?

This is conditions in general - mild to severe. Put how many stars you think. 1 being no and 5 being yes.

Have you ever heard of neuroplasticity? (brain plasticity)

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If you pressed Yes - well done your officially amazing! If you pressed No then here's what it is...

Neuroplasticity (neuro means brain), is the ability of the brain to change through growth and reorganisation. It means that the brain can be rewired to function in some way that differs from how it previously functioned. In other words, someone with a condition can be helped out of having it with certain methods. It does not have to be a lifelong issue, although it is much easier to change the brain when still a child.


Did you know this (the brain being able to change) was even possible, and does it interest you?


Did you know it could be changed without surgery?

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How much do you know about Doman International?

Tbf I don't expect most of you to know about it...

Please read this. Thanks. Sorry if you're bored by this point. Just stick with me for another 30 seconds.

Doman International is an organization that runs of this idea of brain plasticity. They help parents and families target all areas of a child's brain through different activities.

Doman offer a course to parents, the Doman Method, where they get instructional videos from the team and access to a staff coach which can help each one with their own child/children specifically.

Once the course is over the parent/parents can get the option to continue to the advanced course and get an appointment for the team to asses their child and then tailor a full active and intensive program to best help the child and get them as close as possible to being normal. In a lot of cases, young children who take the course before school, end up top of the class when they get to school. Doman's programs incorporate educational elements also.

The course has amazing results all over the world. I can speak from experience as I myself have a younger brother (who is 5 years old and has a rare condition called Kleefstra Syndrome) that has been doing the Doman Program for a few years now and is constantly making progress (even if that progress means he gets more and more annoying). That is really why I am doing this as my active citizenship over anything else. It is something that I know a lot about and have seen in action. I want more people to be aware of neuroplasticity and where they can go to get help.

Right, that's the long bit done - if you read it all then that's really appreciated. Now, only 2 more questions and then we're done...


Do you think it is important that more people know about neuroplasticity and Doman International?

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Has this survey opened your eyes to something new?

Do you feel interested and have learnt something from this?

Thank you if you've got to this point and have completed the survey! It is actually genuinely appreciated (especially knowing how many surveys you've probably done recently!)