Brno Employee Benefits Satisfaction Survey

Hi, I would like to ask you for your opinion regarding our employee benefits. I intend to use it for my thesis and a proposal for our 2025 employee benefits. Thank you in advance for your help.

In general, I am satisfied with the company employee benefits.

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These are my THREE most valuable employee benefits from our current ones:

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If I could choose, I would prefer money (meal voucher allowance / stravenkový paušál) over the meal vouchers.

Currently, the company pays 55% of the amount of 150 CZK for one meal voucher (82.5 CZK) and we, the employees, contribute 45% (67.5 CZK). From 2024, for company tax optimization purposes, it will no longer be necessary for employees to contribute to the cost of the meal voucher. Therefore, two options are available: - Meal voucher allowance: The company would add 82.5 CZK to our salary for each working day (we would not have to pay tax, social or health insurance) or - Meal vouchers on the Edenred meal card: it would be the same as we have now but we would no longer contribute anything and we would receive 82.5 CZK per working day on the card.

If I could choose, I would prefer the Edenred Cafeteria card over the MultiSport Card.

The Cafeteria option means that you would get the same amount of money that the company pays for the MultiSport Card on the Edenred card (there are two "pockets" there, one for meal vouchers and one for Cafeteria). It is possible to pay for different things with it (cinema, books, sports activities etc.). https://vyhledavac.edenred.cz/en

ONE employee benefit that I would really like to have and that I am missing from our current offer is:


Additional comments regarding our company employee benefits that I would like to share with my HR colleague:

My positive or negative feedback, ideas, concerns, recommendations, my opinion about benefits that we lost or gained in 2024 etc. In 2024 we lost the education budget, birthday voucher, birthday party + team building in the format we were used to. In 2024 we gained a birthday off and two Volunteer days.