Gaming and Emotional Effects Survey

Dear Sir or Madam, please take a few minutes of your time to complete the following questionnaire.

Neil's questionnaire about gamen enz.

How often do you play video games?

Please select the frequency of your gaming sessions.

Rate the overall emotional impact of gaming on you.

Please rate from 1 to 10, where 1 is very negative and 10 is very positive.

In what ways do you feel gaming affects your emotions?

Please describe how gaming influences your emotional state.

Do you feel gaming helps in managing stress?

Please share if gaming helps you cope with stress.

Rate the level of excitement you feel when gaming.

Please rate from 1 to 10, where 1 is low excitement and 10 is high excitement.

How do your emotions usually change after a gaming session?

Please select how your emotions are affected post gaming.

Share a memorable emotional moment you experienced while gaming.

Please provide a detailed description of a memorable emotional moment related to gaming.

Do you think gaming impacts your relationships with others?

Share your thoughts on how gaming affects your relationships with others.

Rate the level of frustration you experience during gaming.

Please rate from 1 to 10, where 1 is very low and 10 is very high.

How do you feel after completing a challenging gaming level?

Share your emotional state after overcoming a challenging level in a game.