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Survey to Eye Care Professionals on potential PFAS ban and its impact on patients

The survey below is addressed to the Eye Care Professionals in the EU, Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom.


In January, 5 countries submitted to the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) a REACH restriction proposal, in view to support a total ban of PFAS in the European Union. PFAS are a group of chemicals which are persistent in the environment, motivating the request for a ban.

Rigid contact lens polymers contain PFAS substances, and so would be subject to a PFAS ban. These substances provide ‘non-stick’ qualities, but also make an essential contribution to oxygen permeability, biocompatibility, comfort, wettability, rigidity, lathability, durability, scratch resistance and shape stability. Their introduction into the polymer matrix results in a safer and more efficacious lens wearing experience. In the event of a ban, the performance properties of available RGP lenses would be greatly reduced, to the detriment of the patient.

The 5 countries asked for more information to allow quantification of the impacts of a transition away from PFAS in terms of quality-of-life reductions for RGP users.


EUROMCONTACT is developing a dossier to request a derogation for RGP contact lenses from a total ban on PFAS. The argument of EUROMCONTACT is that a ban on PFAS used in polymer for RGP contact lenses is disproportionate and would be detrimental to the 3 million RGP contact lens wearers.

How can you support?

EUROMCONTACT needs the support of Eye Care Professionals to develop the social & economic input to be provided to ECHA.

This input will help our case for a derogation from a total ban on PFAS for RGP Contact lenses.

Please take the time to fill in the survey and provide as accurate information as possible.

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