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humaldo plays! Survey September 2017

Please take your time to answer a couple of questions, it won't take long, I promise :)

Thank you for your time!



How would you rate the "humaldo plays!" YouTube channel?

Please take a short look --> --> and let your gut feeling do the rest :)

What brought you to the "humaldo plays!" YouTube channel in the first place?


Your Feedback on "humaldo plays!"

I LIKE it!
I don't care.
I DON'T like it.
Technical production quality of the videos
humaldo's presentation and moderation
humaldo's English skills
humaldo's Austrian accent
humaldo's sense of humour
Selection of played games so far

How do you prefer Gaming and Let's Play Videos in general?

I LIKE it!
It's OK
Don't care
DON'T like it much
I HATE it!
Let's Play videos with facecam and audio commentaries
Let's Play videos with audio commentaries ONLY (no facecam)
Pure gameplay videos WITHOUT any commentaries
Gameplay videos in general
Full walkthrough series (where games are played from the start to the very end)
Game Review videos
"First-X-Minutes-Of" videos
Videos longer than 5 minutes
Videos longer than 10 minutes
Videos longer than 20 minutes
Videos longer than 30 minutes

Last but not least - The humaldo plays! Twitter Account!

Don't know.
I'm aware there is an humaldo plays! Twitter Account
I'm already following humaldo plays! on Twitter!
It's ok that there's a tweet for each newly uploaded Let's Play video.
Those daily Let's Play tweets are SPAM, I'm not interested -> Instant unfollow.
I like the animated Gifs!
I would prefer direct video previews instead of the animated Gifs.

What do you like about "humaldo plays!"? What should stay the same?



What do you DISLIKE about "humaldo plays!"? What needs to be changed?



Thanks for your time!

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YouTube: ("humaldo plays!")


Thank you very, very, very much ♥♥♥

Yours truly,


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