Hello coffee roasters,

As part of a digitalization project with the aim of improving processes and saving you time, we would like to have your feedback regarding a solution.

It is a platform (accessible via computer/smartphone), easy to use, which facilitates the exchanges you can have with your professional clients.

This solution allows your customers:

- To initiate (or renew) an order simply and efficiently

- To monitor your consumption month by month 

- To have access to all invoices for their proper payment

- To be able to communicate easily with your coffee supplier

This solution allows you roasters:

- To centralize all your professional clients

- To centralize all order requests

- Import all invoices from each customer into the same place for their proper payment

- Easily follow the evolution of each customer's consumption

- To centralize all other customer requests

we would be delighted to have your opinions :)


how many of your customers are among your monthly regular customers?

Select one or more answers

How are your customers currently working to refill their coffee order?


Can you explain to us the problems with these ways of working?


Do you agree with these findings?

Select one or more answers

Which tool do you use to manage your professional clients?


Among these elements, which would be most useful to you using a digital tool?

Select one or more answers

What other features would you like to use?


Would you be interested in using these kinds of tools?

Select one or more answers

What monthly amount would you be willing to pay to use this tool?


In order to continue discussions and keep you informed of the progress of the project, what are your contact details?

Thank you so much for your contribution :)