Evaluation Questionnaire Ytech 2024

On behalf of Ytech's Administration , we would like to ask for your attention to fill in an Evaluation survey.

We know that your time is precious, so we had the concern to create a simple survey that will not take more than 5 minutes.

Listening to our clients and their feedback is fundamental for us to be better, day after day. We want to implement improvement processes that will elevate our services.

Therefore, we want to measure your satisfaction regarding your experience.

Your opinion is fundamental.

Evaluation Questionnaire

1 General Data Protection Regulation – RGPD 1. I`m aware of the objectives and characteristics of the survey (in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. RGPD), I intend to answer this survey and Iauthorise the processing of the data for employment purposes. If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department directly or send an email to drh@yetch.p

If your response is No, the questionnaire ends here.
Evaluation Questionnaire

General Information



Person who will answer the evaluation.


Person who will answer the evaluation


Company name

Manager Ytech

Please identify the name of the Ytech manager who manages the consultants and develops the partnership with the company
Evaluation Questionnaire

Ytech Evaluation In the following options,an assessment must be made according to the perception of the level of service provided by Ytech.

The "Suggestions or Comments" field must be completed in order to substantiate or add any pertinent information that should be shared with Ytech team.

Scale: 1 and 2 - Unsatisfactory | 3 and 4 - Needs Improvement |5 and 6 - Meets expectations | 7 and 8 – Good | 9 and 10 - Above Expectations


Quality of the service

The responsible Manager ensures the desired level of service is met

Compared to other supplies, how do you evaluate

Answer if aplicable.

Follow-up frequency

The responsible Manager demonstrates active involvement throughout the entire service, in order to guarantee constant feedback and anticipate improvements


The responsible Manager demonstrates ethics and professionalism, creating a relationship of trust between the parties


The responsible Manager has experience and seeks to know the project(s) in depth, in order to be able to align the provided service in the best possible way

Response Capacity

Ytech is quick in responding to requests, proposing services suited to needs

Available Services

Ytech responds to all your needs ther trough Extended Teams, Managed Services, Custom SW Development and Nearshore


The response to your needs is done in an professional and exemplar way

Reputation and image

How do you evaluate Ytech`s reputation and image in the general market?

How do you evaluate Ytech`s reputation and image in the general market?

How would you rate the service in general?

Suggestions or Comments

Thank you for the time dedicated to filling out this questionnaire aimed to improve our services and ensuring closer follow-up with our clients.

If you have any doubts or additional questions, we are always available through the usual channels.