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Thank you for visiting us and contributing to this survey. It will take less than 3 minutes to fill it out.

The purpose of this survey is to monitor the diversity in research organisations, conferences and experiments related to the activities of APPEC, ECFA and NuPECC. In collecting the relevant data for the purpose of monitoring, the European laws regarding GDPR will be strictly respected. In short, the monitoring group appointed by the three consortia makes sure that the data collected will only serve to achieve the goals of the study of the diversity in research organisations, collaborations and conferences. The questions raised in the survey are all needed for the study and the answers will only be used for these studies and will be deleted after the analysis results are obtained, leaving no trace behind from individual answers. All results that will be published will ensure anonymity of all the individuals. During the data collection and analysis phase, the data will be stored in the Survio servers, in accordance with the European data protection laws. The data will be processed lawfully and transparently at all times.

The few questions will concern gender, age group, career level, country of citizenship, country where working and tenure status, and will be treated anonymously and collectively. All the information should be provided on a voluntary basis.

Even if data treatment will be anonymous, please be aware to check regulations in your country and institution about filling a survey including sensitive data.

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