Assessing the Impact of Water Sources on Household Water Supply in Damaturu Metropolis

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Introduction: Purpose of the study; I am student of Geography from Yobe State University conducting a research on the impact of water sources on household water supply in Damaturu town, with the aim of providing information that can be used in sustainable water supply among households in Damaturu town. 


Section A: Social and Demographic characteristics of the households; What is your location?

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What is your household size?

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How old are you

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What is your primary economic activity

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What is the highest educational level completed (by name)

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How long have you lived in this community

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What is the average monthly income of your household?

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Section B: You current water sources Where do you and other members of your household obtain water?

Please select all the water sources that you use.

What is your main source of water supply

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Water storage: what method of water storage do your household use ?

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Is the quantity of the water sufficient for your usage?

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How many days do your water storage last when there is no water supply?

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What do you use the water for?

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To whom do you pay for water?

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Section C: Piped water received directly from public boreholes (if your household obtains water from waterboard through taps in the house or shared water connections) please answer the following questions from 15 to 17 Water service provided by public boreholes 15. Supply frequency; on average how frequently do you receive piped water from waterboard

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