Factors Associated with Inter-Professional Collaboration Among Nurses and Physicians at Tamale Teaching Hospital

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What is your attitude towards Nurse-Physician collaboration?

Please select the option that best reflects your attitude towards collaboration between nurses and physicians.

Rate the level of Nurse-Physician collaboration at Tamale Teaching Hospital

Rate the level of collaboration between nurses and physicians at the hospital on a scale of 1 to 10.

What are the barriers to effective nurse-physician collaboration?

Please provide details on the barriers you perceive to hinder effective collaboration between nurses and physicians.

How can communication be improved between nurses and physicians?

Provide suggestions on how communication can be enhanced to promote better collaboration.

Are there sufficient opportunities for inter-professional education at Tamale Teaching Hospital?

Select your response based on the availability of opportunities for education that promote collaboration.

Do you believe that mutual respect is essential for effective collaboration?

Indicate your opinion on the importance of mutual respect in fostering collaboration between nurses and physicians.

In your opinion, what role does leadership play in promoting collaboration?

Share your views on the impact of leadership in encouraging teamwork and collaboration among healthcare professionals.

Have you encountered any cultural differences that affect collaboration?

Describe any cultural differences you have observed that may impact collaboration between nurses and physicians.

How do you think conflicts between nurses and physicians can be resolved?

Provide your suggestions on resolving conflicts that may arise between nurses and physicians during collaborative efforts.

Would you be willing to participate in training programs to enhance collaboration?

Indicate your willingness to engage in training programs aimed at improving collaboration skills between nurses and physicians.