Understanding the needs of Australian Businesses Entering the EU

Thank you for participating in this survey. Your feedback is crucial in understanding how services can be improved to better meet the needs of Australian companies expanding to the Netherlands.

Survey Instructions:

This survey consists of multiple sections, each focusing on a different aspect of services provided by a service provider. The service provider is a company that assists with setting up Australian businesses in the Netherlands, offering various legal, financial, and administrative support services.

For each section, you will find two types of questions:

Functional Question: This asks about your feelings towards having the service provided by us in the context of your business activities in the Netherlands.

Dysfunctional Question: This inquires about your feelings if the service is not provided by us in the Netherlands.

Please respond to each statement by selecting one of the following options, which best reflects your feelings:

I like it that way

I expect it to be that way

I am neutral

I can live with it that way

I dislike it that way

Your responses will remain confidential.

Thank you for your time and valuable insights!

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