Conventa Best Event Award 2019 - Materials Submission Form

Dear Sir or Madam!

Conventa team cordially invites you to apply for Conventa Best Event Award 2019!

First step: Registration. Companies and agencies that would like to present their events in the Best Event Award Competition shall first submit an on-line registration form and pay the entry fee (195 EUR + V.A.T. by 30 June / 250 EUR + V.A.T. from 1 July on)

Second step: Submission of materials. Please use the form bellow to enter event details.

The deadline for submission of event details is 15th July 2019.

To begin your entry, click ENTER NOW at the bottom of this page and proceed with the required information.

1 Please write the basic information about your event
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5 Event results: Creativity (max. 1500 characters)

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10 Sustainable Policies: The use of sustainable practices (max. 1500 characters)
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Awards are divided into three categories. Please chose the one your event fits into.


  • Best Corporate Convention / B2B - A Meeting of a large number of individuals organised by a company or association with the aim of presenting innovations and acquaintances. These events are usually invite-only.
  • Best Trade Show / B2B - A Trade show is a form of an exhibition of products and/or services that is aimed at members of specific industries.
  • Best Incentive /B2B - Motivational travel is a meeting with the purpose of motivating and rewarding employees for their past work. Exclusive travel is entirely organised and, in the majority of cases, also paid for by the company or organisation.
  • Best Product or Service Launch / B2B - Events for launches of new products or services. A typical example is the launch of new cars.
  • Best Educational Event / Training / B2B - Educating and training for employees in individual companies, which is intended to promote the development of human resources
  • Best Team Building Event / B2B - Events designed to increase motivation and promote cooperation in a team or company.
  • Best ceremony / B2B - Opening or closing ceremonies, gala dinner.


  • Best Association Conference, Congress / B2C - An interactive meeting for the expert public intended for debates, the exchange of opinions, searching for solutions and consultations. It can take place on a continual basis annually/biennially.
  • Best Sports Event / B2C - Sports events that are organised by individual sports associations or private companies and which mainly include amateur participants and the wider public.
  • Best Music Event / B2C - Musical entertainment events such as concerts, musicals, music festivals.
  • Best Cultural Event / B2C - A public cultural event which includes one of the fields of art and which requires complex preparation and organisation.
  • Best Non-profit Event / B2C - Events for non-government and non-profit organisations.
  • Best Festivals / B2C - Multi-day events which enable an insight into achievements in particular professional or entertainment fields.
  • Best Pop-Up Event / B2C - Spontaneous celebrations, anticipated but unexpected happenings or experiences which ultimately impress audiences and draw new crowds.
  • Best Brand Activation / B2C - Event or experience that enables brand to engage directly with consumers and build a loyal brand community around your product or service.
  • Best CSR Event / B2C - Sustainable initiative events, educational and training events and any other event that contributes to the improvement of the social, environmental and economic development of local communities and society at large


Open to events demonstrating an original idea that’s big and brave for B2B and B2B public.

11 Which category does your event fit into?
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12 Which sub-category does your event fit into?
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Please send MANDATORY material to

- 5 high resolution photos of the event - Logo of the agency/organizer (hires, jpeg. / 300 dpi) - Logo of the client (hires, jpeg. / 300 dpi)

- Video of the event (max. 3 minutes)

OPTIONAL material: Press reviews - Publications - Gadgets


The main criteria that will be used for evaluating events are:

1. Creativity

Evaluating creativity in the approach based on the target group and originality/uniqueness of the concept of the event itself, which opens up new aspects in the organisation of events.

2. Relevance

How relevant the event is for the target group and what is the achievement of the target group and its involvement in the event.

3. Innovation

Measuring innovativeness in organisation of events, content, programme design and technical support. Innovations that are new in the region are taken into account.

4. Execution

The execution of the event from the perspectives of project management, management of personnel, partner relations with the client and logistical execution.

5. Results of the event

Evalution of the results in relation to the established targets of the project and the funds invested, and evaluation of the added value (Return on Investment - ROI).

6. Event communication

What the event contributed to the long-term communciation and marketing strategy of the client and the event organisers.

7. Sustainable policies

Communication and positioning the values and identity of sustainable management and actual implementation of measures at the event.

8. Legacy

Evaluation of the long-term effects and benefits of all parts of the project and measuring its wider social influence.

9. Overall final impression of the event

The overall impression: originality, creativity, added value.


The fee for registering one entry to the competition is the same as the registration fee for the Conventa Crossover 2019 conference: EUR 195 + V.A.T. by June 30 and EUR 250 +VAT from 1 July on. This includes a registration fee for one person for both days of the event.

The winners will receive:

- Registration fee for one person for participation at Conventa Crossover 2020

- The right to use the 'Best Event Award' symbol.

- Conventa Best Event Award statuette