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EASPD Membership Survey 2024

This Membership survey is the first step in the development of a new EASPD Membership Strategy. With this strategy, EASPD aims to better understand the qualities and needs of its members; refocus its connection with current and potential members and develop a more personalised membership offer to organisations.

The EASPD Membership survey will help us gather a range of qualitative and quantitative information on your organisation and activities within EASPD. It also aims to provide an opportunity for you to provide feedback to our secretariat that you might consider important.

The survey is composed of seven sections in total. There is a total of 62 questions with a combination of 34 multiple-choice and 28 open questions. We have estimated around 45-60 minutes to complete the survey providing thoughtful answers. Since the survey software does not allow multi-access to the survey, we highly recommend you have a first look to the questions and collect all the necessary information, before proceeding to start submitting your responses.

Tips to complete the survey

✓ The survey collects a wide range of information. We recommend that you first read the questions before (on the PDF format) and consult with the different departments in your organisation to collect the relevant information to complete the survey.

✓  This survey aims to collect a comprehensive understanding of your organisation. We recommend that someone with a good overview of your organisation’s work capacities, priorities and needs, responds to the survey.

Please, note that the survey can only be submitted once and responses cannot be saved as each question is answered. Your answers are not transferable, therefore it is not possible to send the survey link to someone else to view your answers. 

All your answers will not be publicly disclosed and will be used solely for the purposes of understanding the needs and priorities of Member Organisations of EASPD.

The deadline to complete the survey is 14 July at 23:59 CEST.

We hope that you will all actively take part in helping us to better understand your needs, improve membership engagement and grasp your views on how we want to further develop as a Network and a Community.

If you have any questions, please contact the EASPD Membership Officer Ángela Corbí at angela.corbi@easpd.eu or at +32 2 238 39 21

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