How can a Farmshare help you?

HI, can you help us to better serve your community by answering these few questions?

1 For our family, this is the order of importance for MILK choices
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2 If your family is a member of a herdshare, how satisfied are you with the QUALITY of the milk?
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3 If your family is a member of a herdshare, how satisfied are you in the MILK AVAILABILITY?
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4 I think the price of my milk
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5 I would prefer to pick up my milk;
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6 Other Farm Products?
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7 I would like to see the farm offer more:
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  • 1. free range eggs by the carton
  • 2. free range chicken eggs to collect
  • 3. grass fed beef as hamburger,
  • 4. grass fed beef as steaks and roasts and I am willing to calculate a price per package by weight
  • 5. lamb and I am willing to calculate price per package by weight
  • 6. chevon, and I prefer as chops and willing to calculate price per package by weight
  • 7. chevon stix
  • 8. organically fed pork
  • 9. vegetables in bulk
  • 10. vegetables as available
  • 11. cheese and butter (please note this is very expensive as the milk prices will reflect on butter and cheese prices)
  • 12. More bulk buying options as with azure and cheesemaking supplies
  • 13.
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8 . As you know we are offering eggs free for collection at the farm as a part of your yearly dues, how has this worked for your family?
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9 . Beef: we are thinking of purchasing organically raised beef; please let us know your family's needs
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  • 1. We would only be interested if you would be raising this beef on your pasture and butchering grass fed only
  • 2. Price is my biggest concern,
  • 3. I like the hamburger only we are doing now; it is the easiest for me to pay one price for every package
  • 4. I would like to buy roasts and steaks and I am willing to figure the costs per pound to pay for my packages
  • 5. not interested

10 For me, payments are easier
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  • 1. by check
  • 2. by cash
  • 3. online

11 In order to continue to be sustainable we need to add new members every session, how do you think we can do this best?
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  • 1. by members talking to friends, family and workers
  • 2. Facebook and social media
  • 3. Craigslist
  • 4. email campaigns like mailchimp
  • 5.
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