There is no need to sign-in to Survio to check if you have received a new response or not. Turn on a notification by email or to your Slack channel and your worries are over.

1. Open Settings menu item and locate the option Response notification.

2. When you receive a new response, Survio will immediately send you a notification to your account e-mail. 

Warning: Message with notification does not contain any response data. It is just a simple notification that you have received a new answer to your survey.

3. You can also use Slack notifications if you use it. Activate the option Response notification on Slack.

4. When you see a new window, click on the Authorize button and login with your Slack credentials.

5. Choose the channel that will receive notifications from Survio.

6. When you receive a new response, your Slack will show you the notification message that you have a new response to your survey.