The most common sign in failures are:

1. The wrong password.
If you lose or forgot your password, renew your password.

Tip: We cannot see your password anywhere, so we are not able to send it to you. This process is fully automated for security reasons.
2. The wrong e-mail.
Occasionally, users make a typo in their e-mail address when registering. Then when they try to log in with their correct e-mail it does not work.

If you are sure you are entering the correct password and you have made a typo in the registration e-mail. In such a case, please 
contact us immediately.

  • Firstly, we will verify your identity.
  • If everything goes well, we will manually repair your registration email.

Tip: When contacting our customer support, always provide us with the URL (the address you send to your respondents) for any of your surveys. It will help us find your account faster and you will gain access to it much sooner.

Example of a correct survey's URL: