Survio uses subscription payments which automatically auto-renew by default. This helps to keep uninterrupted services and is convenient for all customers.

If you decide to stop using premium services, just cancel the subscription. Your premium services will remain active for the rest of the pre-paid period. If you do not reinstate your subscription, this will result in account expiry. 

What does this mean?

  • Working with your surveys will become more complicated as your account automatically switches to FREE mode (non-premium, base plan).

  • There will be no premium features which you may have previously been using. 
    Find out what features you will  lose when your account expires from PERSONAL, BUSINESS, ELITE to FREE mode on Features list page.

  • Your summary results with tables and charts or individual answers will not be downloaded.
    Please note: Ensure that you download and backup your data before premium services expiration.

  • You will not see the answers above the FREE account limit (100 per month).
    Warning: According to our rules, over-limit data in FREE accounts will be deleted after 30 days from your account’s expiration date. All premium plans are fully saved and backed up for the duration of your active subscription.

Tip: You will be informed of the upcoming expiration by e-mail as well as in the application notification. This will give you plenty of time to decide if you really wish to let the premium services expire or reinstate them.