Every survey consists of 3 types of pages:

1. Welcome page – create and edit survey title and add survey description text that should explain the survey purpose to your respondents here.

2. Pages with questions follow.

We recommend creating more pages in more complex and long surveys. Each page should have questions that are related to each other (create a logical block of questions) – demographic, economical or identification questions for example.

Tip: Example how 10 questions survey can be divided:

  • 1 page that has all 10 questions.

  • 10 pages, each page has 1 question (like PowerPoint presentation).

  • 5 pages, each page has 2 otázky, etc…

3. Survey always ends with Exit page where all respondents see thank you text.

Tip: The exit page cannot be edited in the FREE version. But activate premium services and create your own thank you text and get rid of our advertisement.