Subscribing to our premium plans is straightforward. Select the package from the price list that suits your needs and choose your desired payment method. We use Stripe as our primary payment processor, but some existing customers with active subscriptions pay via Cleverbridge AG.


NoteAll our premium plans, regardless of length, will automatically renew unless cancelled. 

Payments made with an advance invoice are the exception to this rule.



If you already have a Survio account, log in and click “Upgrade” in the upper right corner. If not, register first.

Find the solution that suits you best, and select whether you want a monthly or yearly recurring subscription using the toggle. 

Enter your details and click Subscribe when everything looks right. By paying with a card or one of our other online payment methods, your premium services will immediately be available for you to use.

If you have a discount code, make sure to apply it BEFORE completing the payment:


Note: if you are purchasing on behalf of your company, you can also enter your company's name and VAT ID (if applicable) by ticking the corresponding checkbox.


If you need to pay using an advance invoice, you can quickly generate one by logging in to your Survio account and accessing this link: