With Survio you get ready to use survey templates – and they are entirely free. Survio’s do it yourself survey wizard allows anyone to create the perfect survey for any need quickly, easily, but still add the personal touches if needed.

The provisional template set contains of surveys from a variety of feilds:

From simply aranging events to service station feed back, demographics, human resource management, market research, education and customer feedback.

Ready to use:

  1. Planning an educational event survey
  2. Car service station evaluation survey
  3. Car quality of service survey
  4. Local demographic survey
  5. Basic demographic questionnaire
  6. Survey off library users‘ satisfaction
  7. Overall employee satisfaction in an organization survey
  8. Employer’s employee assessment survey
  9. Job interview satisfaction survey
  10. Employee satisfaction survey
  11. Feedback from a leaving employee
  12. Services rating survey
  13. Product rating survey
  14. University graduation questionnaire
  15. School bullying feedback survey
  16. University student satisfaction survey
  17. Salesmanager rating survey
  18. Software review survey
  19. Website rating survey
  20. Satisfaction with order processing (B2B)
  21. Customer service satisfaction
  22. Evaluation of customer satisfaction in general

How do i use a survey template?

Using the template from the library couldnt be simpler:

  1. Firstly, Log on to Survio,
  2. click “New Survey“,
  3. select the option “Survey Library“,
  4. select the category and the preffered survey type,
  5. click on “Continue“ and your Survey is ready.

And one more great piece information for all users.

We currenly offer all these templates supported in the following languages; Czech, Slovak, Russian, English, German. With more to come.

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