Möbelix using Survio to measure employee satisfaction

Möbelix, the international chain of furniture and home accessories stores belonging to the Austrian concern XXXLutz, offers modern furniture for modern customers. Their vision is to convey a shopping experience associated with emotions, to inspire and maintain a human approach while constantly following trends.

CHALLENGE: Easily obtain employee evaluation and support their loyalty

Personnel Development and Employer Branding in Möbelix know very well how important it is to focus on measuring employee satisfaction and getting feedback from them. Regular feedback has a positive impact on the effectiveness of HR activities. It reduces labour turnover, increases employee efficiency, and strengthens their loyalty. It is therefore regularly measured at all Möbelix branches across the Czech Republic and Slovakia. However, the original offline procedure of filling out paper questionnaires directly at branches was unbearably complicated and time-consuming. Over 1400 completed forms had to be collected and brought to Brno where they got processed manually in Excel. “I used to spend 1-2 full days per branch manually evaluating questionnaires. The online survey platform Survio, where data is available immediately, was therefore the ideal solution,” explains Markéta Vaňková from the Employer Branding department.

RESOLUTION: Measure employee satisfaction with online surveys

An excellent price / performance ratio, along with a helpful attitude, was a dealbreaker for Möbelix to start cooperating with Survio. According to Vaňková, the implementation was very easy and intuitive: “Survio gave us some useful tips to the start and nowadays, the system is working smoothly. Otherwise, when something we’re not sure about comes up, we always find answers in Survio’s knowledge base. When it came to evaluating the collected data for the first time, Survio was willing to advise us on how to tweak the questionnaire to perfection.” The correct setting of the evaluation and interpretation of results enables Möbelix to use the collected data efficiently and to perform more advanced analyzes.


Möbelix using Survio to measure employee satisfaction

“Survio is simple, intuitive and meets all my expectations about how such an online survey system should work.”

Markéta Vaňková, Recruitment & Employer branding Möbelix – defines and presents what makes Möbelix unique as an employer. She wants to attract new colleagues to the teams who will meet the Möbelix corporate culture and who will be excited about growing. She works on finding new ways to be a better employer.



MERIT: Feedback and an easier problem identification while reducing costs

The HR department is responsible for creating the questionnaires. The rapid simplification of the entire process now allows for the surveys to be used more widely. Apart from employee satisfaction, they also inquire about the use of personnel development tools, satisfaction with the visits of headquarters at branches and newcomers’ satisfaction in Möbelix. They find mainly the automatically generated reports to be the biggest help. Thanks to that, everything can now be handled by one person only which saves both time and energy as well as expenses.

“We register at least 50% savings in time, energy and, last but not least, huge paper savings – I still look at the stacks of paper questionnaires from the past, which are archived in the closet and can’t believe my eyes. With Survio, I have all the data available in a minimalist way and with just a few clicks,” says Vaňková. “We also like to customize the design of the questionnaires which makes them look more personal. We share the satisfaction survey on our facebook and plan to try out the e-mail invitation system to see how many people have opened the questionnaire and how many have completed it”, adds Vaňková.

Thanks to Survio, we manage to:

  • save up at least 50% of the time we used to dedicate to creating and processing the research.
  • see whether the processes set in theory work well in practice.
  • remedy any possible situation, thanks to easily attained feedback.
  • save costs, man-hours and energy, thanks to the simplicity of creating the questionnaires as well as the clear arrangement of the environment for their creation; basically, the whole process can be covered by merely one person.
  • identify problems more effectively and take action.


Möbelix using Survio for employee satisfaction
Happy Team Möbelix

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