Survio has launched a brand new useful feature! It comes in handy especially to those who do not want to lose track of what is going on with their surveys. From now on, as soon as the respondent submits the survey response for further processing, the filled out response will be delivered directly to your e-mail.

So far, you could have been receiving notifications from Survio letting you know when a new response was submitted to your survey. However, to display it, you had to log in to your Survio account first. Thanks to our new feature, you will save yourself the effort. Each completed response will come directly to you via e-mail, already containing its individual answers! This brilliant function has great potential. In this article, we’ve pointed out some examples of how to use it. Now, let’s go through them together.

But before we do so, let’s take a look at what such an e-mail notification including the individual response looks like:

048_2ENc Individual responses to e-mail

How to use it?

Now, let’s review the promised tips regarding how to use this feature. We’ve prepared four different use cases for you:

  1. Have you activated the automatic distribution of your survey? I.e. right after customers have made a purchase in your e-shop, are they being sent a survey to evaluate their customer experience? If so you will definitely develop a taste for this fantastic feature (which is, ideally, connected to your own CRM system via the Survio API communication interface – your administrator will surely know). As soon as your clients fill out the survey, their responses are stored not only in Survio, but they will be available in your inbox as well. That way, you can react quickly to your customers’ potential negative experience and avoid possibly losing them.
  2. Are you using Survio questionnaires as registration forms? In that case, you will surely appreciate that once you activate this new feature, each one of the completed enrolments will arrive straight to your inbox. No need to be constantly watching for and looking up the desired data, they will be automatically sent directly to you and bring themselves to your attention. In addition, you will immediately know that you may have to contact participants in need.
  3. Do you use surveys to hunt potential applicants for your job openings? In a market that is bursting with jobs, companies often need to compete for good candidates. It is highly possible that an applicant who filled out a questionnaire, interested in your job offer, has done so with several other of your competitors. But using our new service, you will be one step ahead as you will be able to find out about their interest immediately and can therefore get ahead of the game.
  4. Are Survio questionnaires a part of your customer care centre? Then you will surely appreciate knowing immediately of your customers’ thoughts as well as learning what exactly they said and being able to react with confidence in a trice thanks to it. This makes it easier to stop any negative criticism being spread unchecked, furthermore you will not forget to thank respondents for positive feedback in real-time.

Simply put, there are many situations that demand responding quickly, flexibly and efficiently. Coming across any of them, you will undoubtedly appreciate the use of the new “Individual responses to e-mail” feature. Just try it and see for yourself!

How to set up this service?

Very easily. Open the specific survey you wish to receive the filled-in responses by e-mail of. In the top menu, click the Settings tab and click the “Include survey answers to this e-mail” switch by the “Response notification by e-mail” feature. After doing so, you will not miss out on anything!

048_1EN Include survey answers to this e-mail

The “Individual responses to e-mail” feature is a premium function. To enable using it, activate the BUSINESS plan.

In case you’d like to share any questions, comments or observations with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us on FacebookTwitter or via e-mail.

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