If you need to conduct a multilingual survey with an automatic calculation of your results, we recommend that you explore our custom language feature. Before its introduction, the only way to conduct a multilingual study with Survio was to create one survey for each language and connect them using survey logic. The results would then need to be calculated manually. 

The custom language feature is available in all our paid plans.

The custom language feature is ideal not only for those who need to conduct a multilingual survey, but also those who need to present a survey in a language not natively supported by Survio, such as Arabic, Greek or Japanese. We support non-latin scripts. You can also add a local flair to your surveys by changing the language to reflect your dialect, or you can create a survey entirely in constructed languages such as Esperanto.

This is how you do it

Log in to your account and select the survey you’d like to apply your custom language to. 

The setting is available under Settings  Basic settings → Survey Language. From here, you can select a predefined language, or edit your own. Click on the button Add/edit language to proceed with entering the name of your language. The original language is visible in the left column, and your custom text is found in the right one.

From here, it is simply a matter of entering the new text in each column. 

Remember to click save. Your changes are visible immediately. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.