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Go after and fix every broken experience across your organization. Start with Survio, your next omni-channel survey platform for all touch points from customer insights to market segmentation that works for your entire team.

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Customer insights

Increase loyalty and value of customers. Optimize costs.

HR & administration

Improve productivity, minimize turnover, fine-tune hiring process.

R&D and product

Understand user needs. Find your product-market fit.

Marketing & strategy

Refine your campaigns and marketing & sales strategy.

  • Optimize customer acquisition
  • Enhance ad & msg campaigns
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Assess markets & opportunities
  • Make up price tests

Solution for all businesses

  • SaaS & services with customer retention
  • Financial services and banks
  • HoReCa companies
  • Goods production
  • Healthcare
  • Educational institutions
  • Retail & e-commerce customer experience
  • Multi-tenant survey businesses
  • Government and public administration
  • Commodity trade

Expert-designed. Straight out of the box.

Turbocharge creation of your surveys. Choose from lots of expert-created survey templates that are validated to your industry and use cases.

Expert-designed. Straight out of the box.

Design flexibility. Mobile-ready.

Design appealing surveys - just the way you want

  • Choose from 19 question types
  • Create your own survey structure with a single or multiple page layout

Achieve a professional look - effortlessly

  • Add corporate design and increase survey’s credibility
  • Add a logo, upload a beautiful background and impress your respondents. Match the color scheme to your brand anytime
Design flexibility. Mobile-ready.

Mobile ready survey. Crucial for higher response rate.

In today’s world, all digital channels are converging on smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it is essential that your survey solution captures respondents’ attention with an engaging mobile experience.

Survio makes it easy to build, distribute & manage surveys that seamlessly adapt to any mobile device.

Mobile ready survey. Crucial for higher response rate.

Omni-channel experience. Hear everyone, everywhere.

Get more answers with customer surveys on every channel, device and platform. Reach your customers in the right place and at the right time. Survio has plenty of options to collect responses.

  • Survey link
  • Advanced integrations with CRM
  • Native apps
  • Survey widget on your website
  • Messaging apps
  • Touchscreen in your store
  • Survey in an e-mail
  • QR code on your bill or invoice
  • Survey in a mobile device
  • Specialized CATI interviews

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Omni-channel experience. Hear everyone, everywhere.

Real-time analytics. Comprehensible reports.

Make your results look professional

  • Choose chart types that best represent your data
  • Adjust colors to match your brand style
  • Edit labels, rename values, create concise chart headlines
  • Filter & segment results by multiple criteria, present relevant results (eg. for specific branch, product, sales manager, etc.)

Let your team be data-driven

  • Share results and reports with your team via a confidential URL address, secured with a password
  • Get automatically-generated, easily understandable reports in just one click

More on result analysis

Real-time analytics. Comprehensible reports.

Check out samples of available report formats

Custom dashboards. Convenient business intelligence.

Data visualization at the top level

Using built-in BI (Business Intelligence) dashboards is really simple. You don’t need to be an analyst to create excellent data overviews on your own. Dashboards will allow you to show off your professional skills to others!

Automated dashboards directly to your e-mail

  • Have Survio send daily / weekly / monthly dashboards to your mailbox
  • Send bulk invitations to colleagues and business partners
  • Distribute dashboards as an URL address with a password protection
  • Download a dashboard and print its ready-made layout for a meeting
Custom dashboards. Convenient business intelligence.

One survey. Multiple dashboards serving different needs.

  • A marketing manager

    Dashboard for marketing or HR

    Marketers and HRs need detailed information to understand customer/employee satisfaction in specific segments or departments.

    Survio will send automated dashboard weekly to selected team members.

  • An executive director

    Dashboard for CEO or stakeholders

    CEO or members of the top management will be interested in a single chart with essential aggregate data to drive organizational initiatives.

    The dashboard is sent automatically in monthly intervals to the CEO’s mailbox.

  • A customer care agent

    Dashboard for Customer care

    Customer care will use a dashboard with detailed tabular data to resolve customer tickets and analyze feedback.

    The dashboard is sent automatically after each response to a responsible team member.

TOP 6 Survey Software Awarded

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Seamless user onboarding. Cooperate with colleagues.

Team management

Add or remove users as they come in or out of your company. Set their roles and access permissions.

Single Sign-On

Get your large team onboarded at scale and safely via SSO (using SAML 2.0).

Data governance

Administer ownership of survey data. Transfer surveys among team members. Have your organizational data under control, even when someone leaves your company unexpectedly.

Custom login page

Create a custom login page with your logo and colors that match your brand. Enhance team user experience.

Activity log

Your team leaders can manage and track user activity easily. Automate downloading of user audit logs via API.

Multi-tenant Survio

Manage users and surveys across teams and branches. Do you want to offer Survio to your business partners or clients? Go ahead.

Seamless user onboarding. Cooperate with colleagues.

Empower teams to act on feedback. Integrate with apps of yours.

Integrate data into internal systems and business workflows

Use Survio to set up automatic delivery of important insights and data overviews to the internal systems (eg. CRMs, customer service platforms, product management or team management tools). Provide to-the-point information and keep particular teams or people in charge fully updated on the current status quo.

Use feedback effectively to make data-driven decisions

Allow your team to take proper action and increase customer satisfaction, improve employee happiness, optimize spend, prevent churn, and maximize value add.

Automate your workflows

  • Connect survey data via API to your systems (CRM, IS)
  • Integrate data to hundreds of popular apps through Zapier
  • Use automated invitation reminders in a campaign planner
  • Receive survey data (answers) directly to e-mail
  • Send dashboards with custom data views to your team
  • Get response notifications to your e-mail or Slack
  • Monitor audit logs and team activities remotely via API
  • Microsoft Office
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Google Sheets
  • Zapier
  • API
  • Google Drive
  • Google Analytics

Enterprise level security. Administration & governance.

Safety is our priority

Your data is secured with enterprise-grade security features including data encryption, redundancy, continuous network monitoring, Single Sign On (SSO) and other safeguarding technology.

More than standard

Survio is ISO 27001 certified which represents a gold standard not only to SaaS providers. Our data protection policy follows German GDPR standards as the most strict norm applied in the EU.

Keep data and user management under control

Gain visibility and control over all users with a single admin dashboard. Maintain your standards in global settings.

More on security

Top rated survey software.

Survio is proud to be in the top 3 survey software services with the best user-experience. This helped us in gaining almost 2000 great reviews on multiple channels from Trustpilot to Capterra and G2.

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  • Crozdesk
  • G2
  • Capterra

Real success stories

  • We use Survio for continuous NPS® collection and evaluation as well as for regular employee feedback. Tight integration allows us to catch any change in the trends and react on time. As a result, we effectively maintain customer/employee retention and take appropriate action to make our business grow.

    Josef Hos

    Josef Hos CEO

  • Survio is simple, intuitive and meets all my expectations about how such a feedback solution software should work. Managing preparation, distribution and evaluation of over 1.400 surveys from all subsidiaries is now much easier and the data are immediately available in multiple views for further work.

    Markéta Nicová

    Markéta Nicová Recruitment & Employer branding

  • I use Survio for a number of survey projects focusing on small groups as well as wide audiences of respondents. Multiple ways of data collection and powerful analytics are great assets of this feedback solution software. I also appreciate a catalogue of survey templates that fully reflect our needs.

    Klára Seitlová

    Klára Seitlová HR & Marketing manager

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TOP 6 Survey Software Awarded

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What is a survey software?

Survey software represents a comprehensive solution for feedback collection, its analysis and subsequent evaluation. It offers complete freedom in conducting a research, regardless its size, focus or expertise. Why wait for specific data when you can ask for it and use this knowledge to get ahead?

To obtain and analyze answers quickly from large samples of respondents is a great asset of feedback software platforms. The next level is an ability to share the outputs effectively with your colleagues or business partners. Use customized dashboards that Survio automatically generates. Become tech savvy.

Survio started in 2008 as a simple survey tool for gathering feedback. Over the years, it has evolved into a professional survey SaaS platform used by over 3 million users worldwide. The purpose of Survio is to help businesses make data-driven decisions, grow in productivity, increase revenue, profitability or brand awareness and become successful by means of collecting and evaluating valuable insights related to their customers, employees, products, or markets.

Modern and intuitive design, mobile-friendly interface, omni-channel operation, powerful analytics or seamless integration. That’s what makes Survio a must-have solution customizable to any business, industry or professional background.

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What is a survey software?

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  • Collect responses Mobile friendly, omnichannel collection, identity tracking
  • Analyze results Fast and comprehensive analytics, one-click reports
  • Engage with Survio PRO User management, custom dashboards, integrations, API
  • GDPR
  • SSO
  • ISO 27001:2013

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