How to Create a Travel Agency Questionnaire

Get regular feedback from your customers and create unforgettable moments that make your clientele stick with you for further trips and travel activities.

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What if you knew everything about your customer in advance. Even the smallest wish that, when fulfilled, creates such a powerful memory that the customer will tell their friends about it (what a loyalty booster!). If you knew every single need of the customers, you could create the perfect tailor-made tour for them. If only it were that simple.

Sometimes you do everything you can, but still, some negative reviews appear. Especially in the tourism industry, it is impossible to influence everything. Often, unexpected weather comes, flights are delayed and hotel services are not what you have ordered for your clients.

However, your competitors also operate under such conditions. We all have to reckon with limited resources. Whoever can make the most of the available resources wins the competition.

If you learn to collect data about your customers on a regular basis and can interpret it correctly, you will get closer to the ideal of "knowing all our customers' wishes and creating the perfect tour for them". Online surveys are a very effective, fast and easy way to collect feedback. In this article, you will learn how to use online surveys for your travel agency clients at the best. You will also discover miscellaneous questions to build your survey with, find out how surveys can be distributed and shared and what Survio's automated analysis of the results looks like.

When to survey and what travel survey questions to use?

The goal is to regularly obtain information that will enable you to meet the needs of your customers in the long term. Ask your clients in the following situations:

Surveying before the tour

The customer experience starts long before your clients go on the road with you. You can ask your clients a few weeks before about their expectations. At this point, many things about the trip have already been arranged, so ask only about things you can influence or change between now and your clients’ departure.

Short questioning during the trip

You can continuously monitor whether everything is OK with your clients. Ask if the client is satisfied with the services or if there is anything missing. If you are serious about customer satisfaction, you need to be ready to respond quickly to any request in the questionnaire. This is the only way to make your guests feel that you really care about them. It can happen that you won’t be able to fix the problem right away (example: the client is unsatisfied with the hotel services and you are about to solve this problem from your home location). It is key to communicate with the client that you are trying to solve the problem and really work to find the solution.

In this case, it is advisable to choose more open-ended questions, because you need the customers to give you specific feedback on what is bothering them or what they are excited about. By asking closed-ended questions, you would be limiting the options for answers and depriving yourself of valuable information.

The goal is not only to monitor the customer's current satisfaction on holiday. You may not be able to resolve all complaints during the client's stay. However, their feedback is crucial for you. Based on it, you can reconsider whether you want to continue your contract with the hotel. You can see if you want to continue working with the same carrier. This feedback is very important for improving your service in the future.

Post-travel survey questions

Such a survey also collects information that you will need for future service improvements. However, if something went wrong during the trip, it won’t get your client to fill out the survey. Therefore, you need a way to motivate respondents to answer the questions in your survey. How about a discount on your next tour? Or a free first dinner on the next trip? Choose a reward that is worth the cost. It's much less damaging if the client gives negative feedback to you and not to three other friends.

General understanding of your customers’ needs

Are you preparing a catalog for the next season? Do you want to add something new to your tour portfolio? Do you want to be sure that your clients will be interested in what you are about to offer? Ask them how they feel about it. Get to know their bucket list in a survey. After all, every travel agency specializes in different destinations and targets a different customer group. The goal is to get to know yours perfectly.

There are plenty of questions you can ask. Always remember what the goal of your survey is. Don’t ask questions that you can answer by yourself. Keep your survey short and clear and you will be rewarded with a great response rate.

We have prepared articles dedicated to specific question types and their proper use. Feel free to visit our blog and learn to apply the question types right to avoid collecting biased data.

You can try out our fully editable travel survey template: Travel Agent customer satisfaction survey. Simply add or remove questions and their answer options according to your specific case. What else can you manage in the survey builder?

Watch a short video how to create the survey in a few clicks.

How to share the survey with your clients

It always depends on the situation and on the channels your clients are used to communicating through. The best fit to contact a client of a travel agency would probably be by e-mail. Get the most out of Survio and send out e-mail invitations to your survey in bulk. This is a built-in feature of the Survio platform. Just upload your contacts, type in the message, set up a reminder, and hit Send. To find out how successful your survey was, you can observe essential metrics like delivery rate, click rate, open rate, and response rate of your e-mails.

There is plenty of other options on how to share your survey:

If you want the visitors of your website to evaluate your catalog or the website itself, embed the survey into its landscape by means of:

Focus on improving your services. Survio will perform the result analysis for you.

You don't have to be a pro at working with statistical software. Survio generates the results automatically in clear tables and charts - in real time. You can filter summary results and also individual answers, change the type of chart, and create pivot tables that will help you find relations within your data.

This enables you to make data-driven decisions to create the perfect tour full of unforgettable experiences. You can download your results as a report in one click (PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, CSV or Google Sheets).

Have a good journey!

Travelers' wishes are changing. The situation in the world is also changing. Collect data from your clients on a regular basis so that you can adapt to their needs at all times. Your clients will be happy to come back to you.

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