Integrate Survio with tools you already use

Automate your customer feedback processes through powerful integrations and elevate your business.


Integrate Survio in your website, e-shop or a mobile app. Automate your workflow, prevent excessive labor, get genuine feedback and save time.

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Automate tasks between Survio and hundreds of different software applications through an integration with Zapier. No code required.

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Single Sign-On

Improve user experience by granting access to multiple properties of your company system with a single identity login.

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Survey responses in e-mail

Have Survio send notifications or entire surveys directly in your mailbox to act promptly on any feedback.

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First question in a survey invitation e-mail

Embed first question in the survey invitation e-mail. Facilitate feedback collection and increase the response rate.

Learn more about the integration of the first question in a survey invitation e-mail

Google Analytics

Enrich your research data by survey related information from Google Analytics. Attract more traffic and build your audience.

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Google Sheets

Eliminate manual data entry and enjoy automatic updates of the survey spreadsheets that can be shared, viewed and analyzed right away.

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Import raw data from your surveys easily in any statistical software or BI tool to visualize and compare multiple variables.

Learn more about the integration of CSV

MS Word

Provide your stakeholders with clear survey insights that contain all key touchpoints for their decision-making.

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MS Excel

Get raw survey data from Survio that you can easily edit, distribute for further processing or import into a statistical software.

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MS PowerPoint

Pull survey data effortlessly from Survio in ready-made presentations. Save time and present like a true professional.

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Google Drive

Back up your survey data automatically and keep it regularly updated. Allow access from multiple devices for team collaboration.

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Have feedback from your respondents safely backed up in a single repository. Share access and allow further data processing.

Learn more about the Dropbox integration

MS OneDrive

Make your survey data available for anyone, anytime. Create new analyses and compare results from different time periods.

Learn more about MS OneDrive integration

Now, it is time to pick an integration, make a connection to Survio and see how your data processing workflow gets a boost, so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business. Haven’t you found the integration you were looking for?

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