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Survio creates clear survey reports with beautiful charts. Get the insights out of your surveys easily and make better decisions.

  • Aggregate results and individual responses
  • Automated reports with professional layout
  • Comprehensible charts and real time data
  • No other software needed

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Analyze results in one click
  • 9 chart types
  • Customizable chart colors and labels
  • Filters and segmentation
  • Data download to cloud

Download reports in ready-made designs. Survey summary results and individual responses are immediately at your disposal. Edit charts and tables, filter data, change labels. Survio lets you present information in a fully comprehensible way.


Survio automatically evaluates survey responses in real time. Watch the results in well arranged charts and adjust all details to your needs.

  • Change chart types
  • Customize colors
  • Edit labels
  • Switch between absolute and relative values

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Do you need to go in-depth and focus on specific numbers? Change result vizualization from a chart to a table. Are you a fan of contingency tables? Go ahead and create them directly in Survio.

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Which features do you like best about our product?

Answer Amount Ratio
Variability 158 47%
Design 98 29%
Adjustable size 67 20%
Durability 67 20%

An example of a standard table created in Survio

1st question

What is your gender?

2nd question

How often do you buy our product?

Women Men
Every day 15 11
At least once a week 93 33
At least once a month 21 48
At least once a year 12 32
Never 9 26
Total 150 150

An example of a contingency table created in Survio

Individual responses

Survio automatically processes all collected responses. Browse freely through individual responses from submitted surveys. Is your survey non-anonymous? Find particular responses by respondent’s e-mail.

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Individual responses

I need to know the feedback of each and every customer.

Martin - Marketing

  • E-mail
  • Response

The parcel was delivered in time. No invoice attached, though.

  • Hide
  • Delete

Data management and GDPR

Handle respondents’ data fully in compliance to GDPR. When asked by a customer to not store particular responses any longer, you can delete them in the Individual responses section. Selected responses can also be hidden so they don’t skew survey stats.

Survey completion stats

Survey data will show you the campaign's performance and identify weak spots to eliminate. Keep track of how effective your surveys get. Increase their target range, quality of responses and response rate.

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Survey completion stats
  • How many respondents completed the survey
  • When were the most surveys submitted
  • Which source did respondents open the survey from
  • What was the completion time of each survey

Filters and segmentation

Use filters to understand your results. Would you like to see all men’s responses who purchased your product via your e-shop last Tuesday? Survio gets you this insight in no time.

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Filters and segmentation

Thanks to filters I can view data of each subsidiary separately.

Daniel - Businessman

Filter results

  • By answers
  • By date
  • By completion time
  • By completeness
  • By source

Reports and cloud integration

Get summary results or individual responses in professional reports and multiple formats. Download raw data, if needed. Store your data in the cloud (Google Disc, OneDrive, Dropbox). Share survey results online.

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Reports and cloud integration

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Creating custom dashboards to monitor selected data is easy in Survio. Welcome to the world of Business Intelligence!

Dashboards enable viewing survey results in multiple ways. CEO will see a single chart with essential aggregate data. Marketers will inspect top sale products, their price and seasonality. Customer care will analyze customer feedback with detailed tabular data.

Have Survio send dashboards to your mailbox in preferred intervals. Send bulk invitations from Survio to share dashboards with your business partners and colleagues.

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An exmample of a dashboard created in Survio

Result analysis in Survio saves me a lot of time and labor each month. I see all important numbers clearly and can make fast and data-driven decisions.

Linda Werner

Linda Werner Marketing manager

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