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One survey software to create questionnaires, collect responses and analyze results.
  • Custom structure & pagination
  • Questionnaire preview & test mode
  • Research availability planning
  • Respondent redirection

Survio regularly ranks among the best “easy-to-use” questionnaire builders worldwide. Add questions, multimedia, text blocks, pages and simple logic with no effort. Customize the structure and colors the way you want. All questionnaires automatically work great on mobile devices.

World class among questionnaire builders

Creating a questionnaire is intuitive and visual. Just focus on your texts, question order and overall content quality. Survio takes care of the rest, including the survey mobile version.

  • Question types to capture accurate feedback
  • Logo, background and color customization
  • Multimedia in questions and text blocks
  • Question jumps and skip logic
  • A variety of setting preferences

Create a survey for free

Easy-to-use questionnaire builder with a variety of options to edit questionnaires.

All types of questions you will need

Survio enables you to ask respondents in countless ways by applying a variety of question types. Choose an appropriate type to collect relevant feedback. Automated result analysis will provide a solid output for your data-driven decision making.

  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Text answer
  • Image choice
  • Star rating
  • Semantic differential
  • Net Promoter Score®
  • Rating scale
  • Ordering
  • Matrix - single choices
  • Matrix - multiple choices
  • Custom text

More about question types

Design and branding

Customize the looks of questionnaires to match your visual identity and increase survey response rate.

  • Boost survey’s credibility by adding logo or footer texts.
  • Make questionnaires recognizable by adjusting the URLs.
  • Speak clearly to your target audience by creating custom questionnaire language.
  • Apply pre-built color themes or customize background.

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Customization features to change colors, insert logo and adjust design of the questionnaire.

Multimedia in questionnaires

Add images and videos in the questionnaires. Create illustrative questions to get accurate answers. Make surveys attractive.

  • Share drafts of the new logo in your questionnaire and let colleagues vote for the best design.
  • Add product visuals to the questionnaire and ask customers to pick the best option for the new product strategy.
  • Insert fresh company promo in the questionnaire and measure brand awareness among your audience.

Let’s try

A sample question presenting three images of chairs in different design.

Structure and pagination

Focus on clarity of your questionnaires. Get respondents engaged by simple, interactive layout to make sure they won’t drop off before completing the questionnaire.

  • Customizable Welcome/Exit page
  • Single/multiple page or presentation style
  • Simple page reordering
  • Editable footer and redirection options

Create a survey for free

Options to define own structure and question placement within the questionnaire.

Maximize the potential of the questionnaire’s Exit page

  • Return traffic to your website and boost e-commerce sales
  • Show current results of the survey to respondents
  • Invite your respondents to get involved in a new survey
  • Share your contact page with the Privacy Policy agreement

Question skip logic

Create skip logic for your questionnaires. Branching allows respondents to view questions that are relevant only to them, which ensures correct targeting and increases data quality.

  • Forward respondents to the next question/page or end of the questionnaire based on their previous answer.
  • Hide specific questions based on the previous answer.
  • Send the NPS® feedback directly to any e-mail.

Try this feature

Two women filling in a questionnaire on a laptop.

Questionnaire settings

Availability & behavior

Set the survey availability. Allow multiple submissions. Disable return to previous questions. Set location of data storage.

Notifications and data operations

Get new response e-mail notifications. Add custom GET parameters (variables). Redirect respondents to your website.

Questionnaire language

Have questionnaire content in any language (excl. Asian / Arabic). Add custom system texts - create new, change the existing.

Password protection and security

Disable survey indexing by search engines. Secure surveys with password protection. Prevent access from specific IP addresses.

Start smoothly with our templates

You do not need to be a survey methodologist. Use any of 100+ pre-built templates assembled by professionals. Edit it the way you want and you are done. Simple as that.

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Marketing manager, HR specialist and sales director sharing their experience with Survio.

Survey creation is straightforward and simple. Easy to navigate as a survey creator as well as a survey respondent. Quick to make unique surveys tailored to your and your company's purpose.

Linda W. Marketing manager

I've been able to design multiple surveys in just a few minutes. I'm particularly excited about the data collection, analysis, reporting & exporting capabilities, which are critical to my success as an HR.

Liam J. HR specialist

I highly recommend Survio as it is user-friendly and professional. It is definitely worth updating the free account to get more advanced features and make it an integral part of your workflow.

Edward G. Sales director

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