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Not only is Survio a free service, but you don't even have to include financial details to sign up. With us your data is safe, secure and moreover stored for free. Ideal for your business, non-profit, school or any private purpose.

100+ templates & 70+ designs

Choose from 100+ expert-created survey templates. Use them to build your online surveys easily.

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    Patient Satisfaction Survey 7 questions
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    Satisfaction with Tech Support Survey 25 questions
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    Eating and dietary habits 12 questions

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Mobile-ready Surveys

In today’s world, all digital channels are converging on mobile devices, making it imperative for your survey solution to provide respondents with an engaging experience on any smartphone or tablet. Survio makes it easy to build, distribute & manage surveys that seamlessly adapt to any mobile device, allowing you to reach every respondent effectively.

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Dave Meyer

“I'd been searching for an online survey software to get customer feedback about my website and mobile app. After trying several apps, I found Survio to be a powerful survey tool while remaining easy to use. Customer service has been excellent and has provided quick and accurate responses.”

Dave Meyer

Dave Meyer Campuscene

From start-ups to large enterprises across the globe, we help our customers to success.

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Data Collection

Reach respondents on all devices. Collect more answers. Publish a survey on your website, send it via e-mail or promote it on Facebook.

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Analyze Results & Report

View your results, tables and charts in real time. Get automatically-generated, easily understandable PDF reports in just one click. Results can be downloaded as raw data in XLS or CSV file formats for further analysis in Excel, SPSS or other software.

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Download and back up your data.

Fast & Effective Support


Fast & Effective Support

We provide fast, reliable and effective support for all users. If you have a question, request or idea, we are always here to help. 100% of all support requests to date have been successfully answered.


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