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We are living in a world od videos. It has become a usual solution to ask YouTube how to use various softwares, how to lay tiles in your bathroom or how to become a better keynote speaker. Training courses that used to be taught personally are moving to online platforms. There is a tutorial almost for every issue, like how to wrap a gift. We create online tutorials, too, to show how easy it is to create a survey using our platform. Online courses and workshops, tutorials or webinars are one of the most direct ways to show a solution quickly and clearly.

Therefore they are often used by businesses to educate their customers in the usage of their product. And not only customers. It is very convenient to educate own employees through an online course. Safety trainings, corporate values introduction, language courses - all of that can be done through an online course.

Why is it essential to get feedback on online courses?

To organize online courses sounds quite easy and effective and it truly is - when the online course is finished and ready to launch. The part before is no less complex and demanding on human resources and finances. To create a quality online workshop, you need to involve video creators, graphic designers, content creators, copywriters, industry professionals and experienced lecturers or speakers. Costs can be relatively high and you need to know whether these costs are being spent correctly. You need to find out if creating an online course has delivered the expected value.

Online courses for customers

If you are a marketer or a product owner, you search for ways to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. One option can be an online course where your customers will learn how to use the product properly and efficiently so that it brings them the greatest benefit. To optimize costs in the future, you need to know if your customers were satisfied with the course and if it provided them with relevant information they needed to know. Without such feedback, you may create an online course that won't meet the needs of your customers again, because of the same flaws.

TIP: Is your company a SaaS project? It can be very challenging for a customer to know at a glance if a particular piece of software is suitable for them. Even the information on the website does not tell you how well your software works. Customers need to see inside your application. This can be done, for example, by offering them a trial version and providing an online workshop to show all tricks and how to's so that customers can make the most out of your product. If this works, you have a competitive advantage - you have accelerated the onboarding of a new customer to the maximum. However, you need to check the success in an online course evaluation survey.

Online courses for employees

Providing courses to employees in an online form has become a trend among modern HR departments. It is very convenient in environments where people work from home on a regular basis. Especially in huge corporations where people attend various trainings, videos can save a lot of human work and money. Not only will surveying among employees bring you information about their satisfaction with the course, but also it will be a proof your attention and care. If they experience that you take their feedback into your account, their loyalty to the company will increase.

TIP: In case you need to check if people remembered crucial information from the online course, use the online survey as a quiz or a test. Ask people about bits and pieces of knowledge they should gain from the course. Survio generates result analysis automatically, you can watch the results in real time!

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What questions should you ask in an online course evaluation survey?

When you think about specific questions, always stick to the main goal of the survey. The responses you get should become a basis for further improvements of the course. When all you get is “your course was good/bad”, the only thing you can do is to be happy/unhappy. But you have no clue what to improve or change. Try asking for a concrete feedback covering the following areas. Just choose course evaluation questions that will fit you the best. Feel free to edit them or change a question type depending on your needs. You can also get inspired by our overview of 100+ ready-made survey templates.




What question types are the best?

In Survio you can choose from 19 question types. Think about each question properly. Choosing an improper question type can ruin validity of the data. Be careful especially when choosing between simple choice and multiple choice questions. The data evaluation is different. Get more details on this topic in the article How to use closed-ended questions correctly.

Open-ended questions are a treasure when it comes to expressed feelings, attitudes, values or mood. That is what gives you the most honest feedback. However, you cannot evaluate them in bulk, in one chart. You have to go through the responses individually and make the big picture by yourself. There is a simple rule: If you can ask a closed-ended question without losing too much information, do it. Otherwise pick the open-ended question. Visit our blog to read about proper use of open-ended questions.

You can edit all questions in the survey builder.

By all such details you can make the survey more understandable for your respondents and increase the response rate. To be sure your survey is perfect, we highly recommend to test it in a preview. You can send it for example to your colleagues. Their feedback will help you eliminate all typos and mistakes that could affect quality of collected data.

What are the best ways to share your questionnaire

Two of the most natural ways to share an online course evaluation questionnaire are:

If neither of these distribution options fits to your plan, you can try other ways to share your survey:

If you need more information about collecting responses, feel free to peek in our blog and Help center.

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We hope you are now equipped with everything you need to create a survey that will work out as a kicker for improvement. Participants and attendees always know best what they expect from a course they are about to sign up for.

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