How to create a product feedback survey

How to create a product feedback survey

Find out how to get customer feedback on your product quickly, efficiently and regularly. Then you can create a product that truly meets your customers' needs.

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Offer a product whose success will be reflected in the final profit from realized sales. Get feedback directly from current customers and prospects with the product evaluation survey. Prepare a suitable strategy, set up business models and discover new ideas on how to ensure maximum sales of the product before it is launched on the market.

With this type of survey, manufacturers / sellers find out what impression their products make or will make upon the target audience. After evaluating the received responses, they can make changes to distinguish the product from the competition, modify it according to preferred requirements or adapt it to facilitate market penetration.

Advantages and benefits you will get by surveying your customers

Utilize positive reviews that you receive from the respondents as testimonials on your website or as a content for promotional activities. Compared to printed forms, you save material, time and labor costs with online questionnaires.

Before you start creating a survey

First of all, think of what information you need from the respondents. Are you preparing an introduction of a new product? Consider your product launch strategy based on:

Are you preparing an update of an existing product? Then you should know:

Laying down thoughts on the above topics will help you build a logical structure with a smooth flow, which ensures that your respondents won’t get lost and they make it to the end to complete the questionnaire, keeping the survey’s response rate high. A clear structure also contributes to selection of proper question types and actual formulations. Ask right to increase a chance of receiving accurate answers.

Use simple, short sentences and choose proper question type

This could be viewed as the rule of thumb. Specific type of question that fits the purpose of how you need the respondents to provide their answers, will ensure that the answers will be relevant, accurate and, most importantly, they will be far easier for you to interpret and conclude.

Survio offers 19 question types that you can freely combine and adjust their settings. If the respondent spends too much time thinking of what it is that you need from them in every other question, they will be more likely to drop off your survey before completing it and a potential source of data of yours is gone.

There are question types that are easy to create and also have the added value of being naturally understood. Let’s take a quick look at the examples of some of the most used:

An example of a star rating question
An example of a single-choice question
An example of a text answer
An example of a matrix question
An example of the Net Promoter Score®

Tip: It is advisable to combine closed-ended questions with the open-ended questions. Open-ended questions deliver subjective views and can become a source of new ideas and inspiration as to further product refinement.

Tip: If necessary, apply the attribute of the required question. Respondents won’t move forward to the next question unless they have answered the previous one.

Collect answers on many channels and increase survey response rate

In Survio, it is possible to share surveys and collect responses in a number of ways. It’s up to you whether you select only one, combine a few or use all of them. The goal is always to ensure maximum responses that will deliver relevant data.

Tip: Check your questionnaires in the preview and make sure that nothing is missing or redundant. The questionnaire preview does not save responses, so you can click it through back and forth to get an idea of how your respondents will see your questionnaire.

Response analysis in Survio is real time and automatic. The data, whether it be aggregate results or individual answers, can be filtered, e.g. by answers, by date, by completion time, by source and other parameters. Created reports with professional charts and tables can be further exported to the most common formats (PDF, .docx, .pptx, .xlsx, .csv or Google Sheets) for subsequent editing and use.

An example of the result analysis page in Survio

Tip: Give an extra purpose to the thank-you page of your questionnaire. Offer the respondents a discount code as a reward for their time and answers. Redirect them to your website or e-shop once they submit the survey. Encourage them to browse through your catalogue and purchase your products at a reduced price.

Get to know your target audience by reading the feedback right

The survey alone is not a guide to creating a successful product. The purpose of the survey is to reveal possible ways to achieve it. Such solutions will help make your product a sought-after article. The steps you take based on evaluated responses and customer feedback will have a far more positive effect. Discovering the strengths and weaknesses of the product and the product sales strategy, identifying partial problems, gaining new impulses – all this is an objective basis for making the right decisions.

For example, you found that despite the generally positive evaluation of all parameters of your product, respondents indicate a low probability of purchase.

There are several reasons for this small interest in purchasing.

  1. High selling price discouraging the interested parties. In this case, review all production and additional related costs that affect the product development process. What is the ratio of these costs to the margin? Do you know at what price level a comparable product is offered by your competitor? Use a ready-made, fully editable and topic specific template on Product price sensitivity survey to get more details.
  2. Stock unavailability. The customer decides to buy the product, however, when they find out the delivery time depending on the stock availability, they do not complete the order. In this case, it is appropriate to monitor sales at individual points of the sale process and adequately coordinate the distribution of the product.
  3. The need to test the product. The customer cannot do without the description of features and new functions on the product sheet. Customers get a much better idea of what the product can do during a practical demonstration or if they can test the product themselves. Do you offer this option to your customers? Find out to what extent you meet their expectations in this respect.

If you already have collected data and defined your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (so-called SWOT analysis), prepare a presentation for the company’s management on how your product is performing in the market. You can also pass the output of the survey to colleagues in the production and product departments. Simply download a report with summary results or individual responses from Survio, add other suggestions and you are ready to go. All data, together with your proposed solution procedures will be immediately available to you and your colleagues.

A reference by a marketing specialist

Work with surveys - periodicity and repetition are the key to success

An online product evaluation survey is an effective tool for measuring customer satisfaction. Use it when introducing and marketing a new product, developing a product sales strategy as well as in the subsequent development and adding new functionalities to an existing product. Even without any previous experience with surveys, you can easily create an online product evaluation survey and set the necessary parameters in Survio to fully meet your needs.

With the scope of options of response collection, you will share the survey with the respondents and Survio will automatically analyze all your data into professional reports and custom dashboards. Combine your vision and intuition with customer expectations and offer them the product they are asking for.

Implement surveys in your workflow via API or by integration with your internal system and keep asking about other aspects than just product evaluation. Find out how your brand is perceived by customers. What shopping trends and criteria they take into account when buying or how much they are willing to pay for your product. Do you know the impact and effect of your advertising campaigns? Survio has 100+ templates for you to research these and other domains. Get inspired and start asking questions that will deliver relevant data to be analyzed, evaluated and used as a basis for further decision making.

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