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Advertising Perception and Effectiveness Survey

Dear Sir / Madam,

thank you for visiting us. By filling out this 5-10 minute survey, you will help us obtain the very best results.

1 How familiar are you with "product"?
Required answer

2 How well do you remember "name-of-advertisement"?
Required answer

3 How do you rate the ad motivating power?
Required answer


4 Please select one of the following concepts / feelings that you think is most closely associated with the ad:
Required answer

5 What are some impressions that you take away from the ad?
Required answer

6 How would you more likely describe the ad?
Required answer

7 How would you rate the ad compared with others of the same kind you have seen?
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8 What do you think is the main message of this ad?
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Other than trying to get you to buy the product or service.

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9 Rate how descriptive the following statements are of you:
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Very descriptive
Not descriptive
Not descriptive at all
It is important to me to be treated well
I have somewhat old-fashioned tastes
I like my clothes to look up to date
I never have enough time to shop
I think I am a little bit wild
I think shopping is fun
I often buy things on impulse
I have lots of leisure time
I think I am a smart shopper
I feel I get a raw deal out of life
I prefer stores where prices are always low
I never seem to have enough money
I regularly read the newspaper
I have more money now than last year
When I shop, I just want to get it over with

10 What do you like most (least) about this ad?
Required answer

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