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Event Planning Surveys

How much should I order from a caterer, are there vegetarians? Don't know? Well, you should!

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Event planning surveying

The organization of events such as seminars, conferences and workshops can be a really challenging process. You have to focus on suitable area – eg. catering, speakers, partners and promotion according to your budget. Every minute and penny you save is important.

Surveys can help you organize a great event

Online surveys can help you with many of the organizational tasks you have to deal with in the course of event planning, feedback and follow-up. A short questionnaire can do more than just answer these questions. They can improve the general presentation of your company and provide a memorable event for your guests.

  • Is your target group interested in this kind of event?
  • When and where should the event be held?
  • What will the main topics of the event be?
  • Who will speak at the event?
  • What will be the language of the event?
Andrea / Event Manager

Event survey examples

Guest list registration (RSVPs) - Through guest list registration you can obtain the details of invited guests (eg. name, surname, contacts, company name, conference package), guests who would like to attend and additional data such as guests’ interests and personal activities for the purpose of event preparation or networking.

Event follow-up survey - Did you miss anything? Did you satisfy your guests? If you provide them with the simple and convenient opportunity to provide feedback, then next time you can assure perfection.

Event Planning Surveys

How to create an event planning survey easily?

Use built-in survey examples and templates or design your own.

Organize events everyone will remember. Ask your guests how!

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