How to Create a Customer Support Survey

Collect feedback from your customers on your support services. The information you gather will help you streamline processes and improve your services.

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Feedback has always been a great way to improve. Those who didn’t fear it and welcomed its power of uncovering weak points have gained a great competitive advantage. How? They collected priceless information and data and built a basis for future strategic decisions. Feedback is the bridge to improvement. And regular feedback is the bridge to continuous innovation.

In this article, we will talk about how to approach surveying in the sphere of customer support. We will explain:

Let's get to the bottom of this

Why does your company have customer support? What values does this team bring to your company? You should not be satisfied just with an answer: Because it's necessary and customers need a place to turn to when they have a problem. Look at your customer support as a part of your company that contributes to the revenue. A well-functioning customer care can:

All of that leads to better customer experience. Great customer experience leads to customer loyalty and loyal customers will return to you again and again. What’s more, they will spread good words about your brand among their friends. Do you sense the growth in this scenario?

Today, businesses are depending on returning customers. Selling once means success for today. Creating a stable base of customers willing to come back will guarantee you a secure existence for the future.

Can your customer support staff advise clients quickly, professionally and solve their problem? Ask your customers and let them show you what to do to elevate the performance of your agents to the next level.

Why online surveying?

The main reason to use online surveys is the huge time savings not only in questionnaire design but also in data collection and evaluation. You can create the survey in a few minutes, share it in several different ways (such as bulk email invitation - a built-in feature of Survio), and you don't have to process the results. Survio will analyze them for you and project in clear graphs and tables. You only need to decide for a change based on the results.

We'll talk more about what Survio has to offer that will pleasantly surprise you and save you time later. But if you are curious, we have prepared a special use case How to create your survey.

What questions can you ask in a customer support survey?

Before creating any survey and its questions, you need to know what information you are looking for. You’ve decided to optimize the functioning of your whole customer support so they are better at bringing value to your customer. What do you need to know? Let’s brainstorm together.

You need to go in detail in these areas, because the result of your survey must be concrete information on what to improve. You don’t need answers, such as: I am (not) satisfied with the support. You need answers like this: The communication with the support was too slow, they didn’t respond on time and therefore they didn’t solve my issue when I needed it. These answers will shine light on where the pain point is. Remember this when creating your survey questions.

Get inspired by concrete question samples

Questions related to your customer care agents:

Don’t be afraid to use matrix questions. They make your survey shorter and clearer as they group more questions together. The rating scale is called the Likert scale.

Another elegant question type would be the semantic differential. Using a semantic differential, you can measure the attitudes or perceptions of your customers. When answering, the respondents lean towards one of the two contradictory values expressing their attitude. According to your scale, you will get a single average number as a result.

Questions related to your communication platform:

One of the easiest question types is the star rating. It is easy to answer and super easy to analyze.

Questions related to your knowledge base:

When creating the survey, you can choose from 19 question types. Remember that choosing the right question type is crucial. You need to get high quality data to make them the basis for your decisions.

Always think first and be sure about what kind of information you need to collect. Then select the specific question type accordingly.

Tip: Choosing the wrong question type can ruin the validity of the data. Be careful especially when choosing between single choice and multiple choice. The data evaluation is different. To make sure you don't make a mistake, we recommend that you read the article How to use closed-ended questions correctly.

Are you a fan of open-ended questions? They can bring so much detailed information, especially subjective perception of your respondents, their attitudes, opinions and moods. However, when evaluating open-ended questions, you have to go through each answer individually. We recommend sticking to this rule: If it is possible to use a closed-ended question, do it. Only when you would lose the coveted piece of information by using a closed-ended question, return to the open-ended one.

All questions are fully editable, you can add or delete answers, set up a condition of obligatory question, add an image or video, choose the format of the answer (e-mail, number, date, text). Watch the video and see how easy and intuitive the survey builder is.

How can you collect answers?

Find your respondents where they really are. Share your survey through channels that are the most convenient for your specific target group. You can share your survey:

When talking about customer support surveys, we would like to highlight the email invitations that you can send out in bulk directly from Survio.

Example: When you finish communication with your customer, you can send them an email invitation to your survey and ask them right away about the quality of the customer support. You can use the advantages of the API connection and integrate Survio into your workflow.

Result analysis at your service

Watch results from the incoming responses in real-time. Survio generates the results automatically in clear tables and charts. You can filter summary results and also individual answers, change the type of chart, create pivot tables. Use this analysis to make data-driven decisions to create better customer service centers.

You can download your results as a report in one click (PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, CSV or Google Sheets) get ready to present ascertained data to your colleagues in an instant.


The bigger the company, the more it spends on customer service centers. Customer support is a part of the company that has an impact on the revenue. On the other hand, running a customer support team or center can be quite costly. Online surveys are the way to gain useful data. This data will help you find out what to change in your processes to make your customers happier and use the potential of your support to the maximum.

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