Boost your efficiency with BI dashboards

  • Provide relevant people with data they need
  • Get actionable insights to make prompt decisions
  • No further statistical software required

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A single survey, multiple dashboards, a variety of insights
  • Unique URL of each dashboard
  • Filtration of results by multiple criteria
  • Responsive design for access on various devices
  • Constant availability of survey data
  • Downloadable in the most common formats

Leave extra editing of complex excel tables behind. Dashboards will allow you to show off your professional skills to others. Save everyone time and increase organizational effectiveness.

Give relevant people relevant data

Create multiple dashboards from a single survey in a few clicks. Let your colleagues, company management or stakeholders view real-time data to take appropriate action.

  • Easily create individual dashboards for any target audience
  • Automate its distribution in preferred time intervals
  • Increase effectiveness and reporting performance

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Share relevant data with people who need them by means of custom BI dashboards

One survey. Multiple dashboards and views.

Visualize data in unlimited dashboards for specific audiences within each ongoing survey.

A marketing manager

For marketing managers

Get information on customer satisfaction or market trends in various segments to boost sales and increase brand-awareness.

Survio will send you weekly dashboards with results related to satisfaction and brand recognition.

A product specialist

For product specialists

Receive feedback bound to product satisfaction, improvement suggestions or further product updates to deliver value your customers are looking for.

Survio will send you dashboards with insights into customer needs and wants in preferred time intervals.

A company director

For CEO or stakeholders

Have overall results aggregated in a single chart to assess performance of each department or subsidiary and drive organizational initiatives.

Survio will send automated dashboards with monthly overviews directly to your mailbox.

A customer care agent

For customer care agents

Act regularly on customer feedback. Use dashboards to check satisfaction with your customer services and optimize customer experience.

Survio will automatically send you dashboards highlighting satisfaction metrics from the survey.

Make survey data clear and appealing

Present survey results like a pro. No extra skills needed. Get your audience engaged by clear layout and familiar language.

  • A variety of chart types
  • Clear tables with raw data
  • Value ordering
  • Show/hide value switch
  • Question title customization
  • Editing individual response labels
  • Axis label options
  • Custom color themes

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A team meeting having a discussion over survey data projected in a dashboard

Monitor key benchmarks

Dashboards continuously bring relevant and real-time data at your fingertips to streamline decision making.

  • Choose different sets of data Choose what data you want to monitor. Create as many dashboards and views to a single survey as you need.
  • Speed up the information flow Once you set dashboard parameters, the rest happens automatically. No one misses any crucial piece of information.
  • Identify trends Interim data from customers will indicate new opportunities to develop your products. Stay ahead of your competition.
  • Reveal potential risks Identify weak spots before they turn into serious issues. Save yourself unwanted trouble and extra expenses.

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A laptop displaying a dashboard with survey results

Share dashboards the way you prefer

Automate the process of dashboard distribution directly from Survio. Choose from a number of ways and formats.

  • Download dashboards in view-only PDF, editable Word or ready-made PowerPoint
  • Share dashboards online via a unique URL
  • Send dashboards regularly by e-mail

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An example of a dashboard sent directly in an e-mail

BI dashboards will serve you the actionable insights on a golden plate.

  • Identify trends, monitor KPIs
  • Uncover negative patterns
  • Improve your forecasting
  • Save time & boost efficiency

Advance from reporting to business intelligence.

Elevate traditional reports to professional business intelligence dashboards that offer a centralized view of your survey data and allow prompt interaction. Make your assessment, decisions and forecasts data-driven.

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What people say about us

A reference from a marketing manager

Dashboards save me heaps of time. I always have the data I need and its clear visualization makes it pretty easy for me to read it right. I can immediately use the dashboard for presentation or share a link with my colleagues so they can freely access it.

Howard N. Marketing manager

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  • Build a survey Easy-to-use survey editor, 100+ ready-made survey templates
  • Collect responses Mobile friendly, omnichannel collection, identity tracking
  • Analyze results Fast and comprehensive analytics, one-click reports
  • Engage with Survio PRO User management, custom dashboards, integrations, API
  • GDPR
  • SSO
  • ISO 27001:2013

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