Collect survey responses on multiple channels

Reach your respondents anytime and anywhere. Get as many answers as possible to gain valuable feedback.

  • Enrich your website content and get feedback from your visitors
  • Share your surveys on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Distribute your surveys through messenger apps (Facebook, MS Teams, Slack, Whatsapp)

Create a survey for free

Messenger communication showing an inquiry to fill in a questionnaire
  • Collect anonymous / non-anonymous responses
  • Use a built-in tool for automated survey invitations
  • Plan and schedule the launch of your survey campaigns
  • Increase survey response rate with automatic reminders

Boost your business with insights from your customers, employees or suppliers. Gain relevant information from city residents or patients in the hospital. Survio works as an omnichannel tool for collecting any feedback.

Share surveys with your target audiences

Hear the voice of your customers.

Knowing your customers’ needs is a key to success in any business. Find your respondents in a variety of resources:

  • in an internal customer database,
  • among visitors to your point of purchase,
  • on social media and other networking platforms.

Let’s try

A woman showing her femaile customer a piece of clothes, enabling her to feel the material

Meet the expectations of your employees.

Foster employee loyalty and engagement. Boost their motivation and achieve higher productivity. Share a satisfaction survey:

  • via a link in an employee e-mail,
  • in an employee workspace on the intranet,
  • on a touchscreen in a warehouse / assembly hall.

Let’s try

A female HR specialist is having a discussion with two colleagues of hers, man and a woman. They are making notes

Research markets and offer tailor-made solutions.

Define your target audience. Inspect competition. Set the most appropriate opportunity to introduce your product/service. Obtain a feedback through

  • personalized e-mails,
  • professional networking,
  • trade show follow-ups.

Let’s try

Two salesmen are shaking hands at a table, around which other participants of a business meeting are sitting

Execute municipal duties based on public opinion analyses.

Encourage residents to share their incentives and ideas on continuous development of your town/city. Make use of various distribution channels:

  • public opinion polls on your website,
  • social media surveys,
  • a QR code on a bulletin board.

Let’s try

A little girl is walking her dog with her parents in a park. They are all smiling and in a cheerful mood

Deliver high-quality patient care and a unique client experience.

Win your patient’s trust by understanding their feelings and concerns. Get a client feedback and gather positive reviews by means of

  • personalized e-mails,
  • a QR code on a medical office door,
  • a touchscreen in a waiting room.

Let’s try

A general pracitioner is telling his patient results from a medical examination. Both are smiling

Carry out survey invitation campaigns.

Embedded survey invitation tool brings you a number of smart features that save you lots of time and effort.

  • Mass survey e-mail invitation to a large number of respondents
  • Respondent identification recognition (non-anonymous surveying)
  • Smart invitation campaign planning
  • Automatic reminders to increase success rate of your research
  • Campaign details and delivery status with exports to XLS
  • Visualization of your invitation campaign KPIs

Let’s try

An e-mail message inviting a customer to fill out an online survey

Watch diverse metrics in real time

  • Delivery rate
  • Open rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Response rate
  • No daily limits
  • Prevention of spam

Reach your audiences on social media.

Share surveys on social platforms directly from Survio. Add own texts, insert images and create customized posts. An easily recognizable design is apt to get desired attention. Let respondents share your posts further through the survey’s thank-you page settings and boost the reach of your surveys.


Find and connect with specific groups or communities on social networks that best fit your survey topic. Invite members to fill out the survey and obtain most relevant answers to evaluate and draw data-driven conclusions from.

In return, you can contribute to on-going discussions by presenting results in a variety of reports and dashboards generated by Survio.

Let’s try

A smartphone display with a welcome page of an online survey

Embed surveys directly in your website content

A website promoting road bikes and displaying online survey in various forms embedded in the website's content

Pop-over widget enables web site visitors to access surveys right in an interactive bubble that unfolds after clicking a nifty tab.

  • Visitors can comfortably fill out the survey straight in the widget.
  • Although still visible, the tab doesn’t distract visitors from other activities on your website.

Adjust colors and text of the widget. After then, you only paste a HTML code that Survio generates in the code of your page. It is as simple as that.

Try this feature

Iframe makes surveys look as an integral part of your web content. Set the frame dimensions so that it fully fits the layout.

  • As the iframe stands out of the content, visitors won’t miss the survey while browsing through your website.
  • There is no redirecting, responses can be filled in and submitted right from your web page or e-shop.

Does your website offer sufficient space and it is not necessary to use any a pop-up elements? Embed survey in a web page via iframe where respondents will also fill in their answers.

Try this feature


Display surveys to visitors in a pop-up window after they land on your website. Grab immediate attention.

  • The pop-up window will appear above the contents of a particular web page.
  • It is possible to display the window with a delay. Adjust its length easily in the survey settings.

Do any web pages evince low performance? Show a pop-up window to ask visitors about their preferences or suggestions and make proper improvements.

Try this feature

Add a button to the web page and get visitors to open the survey in one click. Give the button label and color of your choice.

  • Buttons take up a little space, yet they are powerful call-to-action elements.
  • Use easily clickable graphical cues instead of lengthy and awkward looking text links.

There is no programming. The code of the button is fully generated by Survio. All you need to do is insert the button’s code in the code of your web page.

Try this feature

Drive engagement with QR campaigns.

Would you like to address respondents outside your database? Are you interested in opinions of the public? Survio will generate a QR code which carries a link to your survey. Respondents can easily provide answers through their smartphones after scanning the QR code:

  • on the front door of restaurants, stores or hotels,
  • in catalogues, internal memos, meeting rooms or canteens,
  • on business cards, advertisement flyers, tickets, coupons or vouchers,
  • on the menus, confirmation orders, receipts or invoices,
  • on consumer goods, manufactured products, labels, packaging, etc.

Let’s try

A coffee shop receipt with a QR code and a message for customers to assess the service in an online survey

Pass key data into your survey results.

Use GET parameter feature to pass data you put in your survey link to your results. Additional data about respondents allow you to connect survey results to your services verticals, customer groups, place of purchase, country, etc. Survio enables to create as many custom variables as possible.

Let’s set an example:

You run a small business with two subsidiaries and plan to survey your employees on their satisfaction with company benefits. There's no need to create a segmentation question or even two separate surveys. The point is to collect and compare data from both subsidiaries within one survey. Here's a three-step advice of how to make it happen by means of a GET parameter:

  • 1

    Create a custom GET parameter in the settings of your survey

    An example of a GET parameter - branch
  • 2

    Add specific GET parameter to the survey link which is to be shared

    An example of a GET parameter inserted in an URL address
  • 3

    Filter and evaluate summary results by individual branches

    An example of GET parameter entries when viewing summary results

Keep your data safe and constantly available.

  • More than standard

    Survio is ISO 27001 certified, which represents a gold standard of cybersecurity not only to SaaS providers.

  • Rigid GDPR compliance

    The processing and handling of stored personal data complies with German GDPR standards as the strictest norm within the EU.

  • Data storage options

    Settings of the Survio account allows to choose preferred storage locations of survey data, in the EU or US. Data storage options are available only to Survio PRO users.

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