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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Hear the voice of your customers. Do you know what they need? Are they happy? Why not ask them, it's that easy!

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How to gain valuable customer feedback?

Just simply create customer satisfaction surveys and ask customers directly.

Nowadays the market is full of competitive products and services, customer satisfaction is more important than at any time before. Social networks now give satisfied customers a greater opportunity to give positive references and online surveys furthers that potential to gain responses from customers.

Measuring customer satisfaction via online survey is one of the best methods with very little cost. Response collection can be carried out online or offline. Result analysis is automated and provides data in ready-made reports or customizable BI dashboards to make prompt and effective decisions.

Why take an interest in customer satisfaction?

  • Gaining a new customer is more expensive than retaining a valued customer.
  • Regaining a customer you have lost is even more expensive than attracting new ones.
  • Dissatisfied customers will share their experience with more people than the satisfied ones.
  • Very few dissatisfied customers will give you a feedback on their frustrations therefore not giving you the opportunity to set it right, most of them will simply leave. Start fighting churn by preventing it.
  • Satisfied customers will come back again, become loyal and spend more money.
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Customer Satisfaction Survey

How to create a customer satisfaction survey easily?

Use ready-made survey templates for a quick start.

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I'd been searching for an online survey software to get customer feedback about my website and mobile app. After trying several apps, I found Survio to be a powerful survey tool while remaining easy to use. Customer service has been excellent and has provided quick and accurate responses.

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