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Satisfaction with Tech Support Survey

Dear Sir / Madam,

thank you for visiting us. By filling out this 5-10 minute survey, you will help us obtain the very best results.

1 When did you last contact customer service?
Required answer

2 How did you contact the representative?
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3 Based upon your experience, please rate your satisfaction with our customer service:
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Very satisfied
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
Very dissatisfied
Issue resolution
Quality of advice
Promptness of answering phone
Professionalism of Representative
Helpfulness of Representative
Ease of contacting Customer Service
Promptness of email response

4 How frequently do you contact customer service?
Required answer

5 Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements.
Required answer

Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
The Customer Representative was knowledgeable
The Customer Representative was patient
The Customer Representative was enthusiastic
The Customer Representative listened carefully
The Customer Representative was friendly
The Customer Representative was responsive
The Customer Representative was courteous

6 Please rate your overall satisfaction with our customer service.
Required answer

7 Do you have any comments about your experience / suggestions on how we can improve?
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