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Create a questionnaire for free and collect responses. View results online. Get professional reports with multiple charts and tables as soon as the data come in.

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  • Introductory page with your logo
  • Information on the survey and its settings
  • Results in clear charts and tables
  • Data on the survey performance

White-label your reports and present results that everyone understands. Survey responses are processed automatically and in real time. Watch your survey’s performance data - total visits, completed surveys, visit sources, average time of completion, etc.

Match reports with your brand

Personalize your reports by inserting your company’s logo. Show your brand when presenting survey results, so that it’s still in the spotlight. Further customize the design of your reports by:

  • Visualizing data in a chart or table
  • Using a chart type that best presents your data
  • Changing the color scheme of each chart

Create your own report

Welcome page of a customer satisfaction survey with a bar chart to a sample question.

Survio facilitates reporting tasks and saves your time

Survio enables you to download raw data as well as aggregate results in multiple formats. No matter whether you are getting ready for a presentation or are in need of processing a common spreadsheet. Save tons of time and effort with these awesome looking reports, accessible in just one click. See the samples below:

Summary results reports


Use the PDF format to distribute reports in a view-only mode. Regardless of operating system, device or software app, your presentation will maintain its graphic integrity.

Download sample


Work with editable reports in the DOCx format. Add your comments, insert further texts or images before you hand the output over to your colleagues or superiors.

Download sample


Download ready-made presentations in one question/one slide format. Customize charts, add company logo, change colors or labels. Make the design match your brand.

Download sample
A sample report with survey visit stats.

Reports with individual responses


Do you want your colleagues to individually edit the survey output, add data or do extra math with it in a standard spreadsheet? The XLSx format will best serve this purpose.

Download sample

Google Sheets

Share your survey results online via Google Sheets. Multiple users with a shareable link to the report can edit it at once in real time. Any changes are possible to track in a revision history.


Do you work with large amounts of data? Is it necessary to use any statistical software? The CSV format allows easy imports and can be used with any spreadsheet program.

A sample report with individual responses in Google Sheets.

Downloadable reports are a Premium feature

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One survey, multiple views and reports

Are you interested in how women and men responded to your survey? Filter the “What’s your gender?” question to show responses of women and download the reports. Repeat the same process for the male respondents. You get a separate insight into both segments.

Try this feature

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Thanks to filters, I can separately view charts and tables related to selected subsidiary.

Daniel - Businessman

Filter results

  • By answers
  • By date
  • By completion time
  • By completeness
  • By source

Start using full fledged reports

  • Get clear and comprehensible survey results in professional design.
  • Make right and timely decisions based on effortless evaluation of the results.
  • Compare data in time to see the trends in your company/organization.
  • Save time when preparing presentations and documents for your colleagues.

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A preview of a report with a sample question, donut chart and response overview in a tablet.

What people say about us

A marketing manager, account manager and HR specialist.

Survey creation is straightforward and simple. Easy to navigate as a survey creator as well as a survey respondent. Quick to make unique surveys tailored to your and your company's purpose.

Linda W. Marketing manager

It is very easy to navigate through the website and the product itself. It allows an intuitive way to organise one's research, order questions, apply branding and other useful features for feedback collection.

Chris D. Account manager

I've been able to design multiple surveys in just a few minutes. I'm particularly excited about the data collection, analysis, reporting & exporting capabilities, which are critical to my success as an HR.

Liam J. HR specialist

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