How to Create an E-Shop Evaluation Survey?

Direct your customers easily to the products they demand and let them leave determined to return for other goods.

This article is useful for:

  • manufacturing and business companies,
  • marketing agencies,
  • entrepreneurs and the self-employed.

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  • Achieve higher traffic
  • Optimize your product range
  • Identify strengths and pain points
  • Increase trust and reliability

Understand your customers, their preferences and expectations. Let your customers smoothly walk through the shopping process and happily make the payment. Boost your online business and increase brand awareness with an e-shop evaluation survey.

Base your steps on customer feedback regularly

Knowing what your customer base needs or expects gives you a competitive advantage. Drive new audiences to your website, introduce your products, prove its qualities and convince prospects to buy from you in the first place.

Apply the e-shop evaluation survey regularly and in the long term to monitor aspects that will help you retain current customer base and address new audiences.

Information you get from the survey will help you plan your e-commerce strategy and therefore achieve higher traffic and generate more sales. What is more, based on the customer feedback you can optimize spends on technical maintenance of your e-shop.

Let’s create the questionnaire - a few tips before you start

First and foremost, think about the purpose of your survey. Jot down moments where you sense any obstacles in reaching your goal. Ask yourself questions.

A thorough preparation shifts your mindset on priorities that will help drive your sales up, but it will also lead you naturally to the way you should ask and how questions are to be put together. Let’s take a closer look.

Be brief, be clear - question types and formulations

Survio offers 19 question types altogether. Use those that will get you desired feedback.

To have a good grasp at the start, we have prepared a ready-made and fully editable e-shop evaluation survey template. Feel free to rephrase or delete questions, add new ones or change their order so that the output meets your needs and preferences.

Asking pre-purchase questions generates feedback on:

A set of post-purchase questions provides information on customers’ satisfaction with:

Tip: Include a segmentation question at the beginning of a post-purchase survey to easily filter customers who shop in your online store repeatedly and those who made the purchase for the first time. It will enable you to customize subsequent marketing activities (eg. newsletters, special offers, discounts, etc.).

Tip: A frequently used question type, particularly suitable for quick satisfaction feedback is the Net Promoter Score®. This method serves as a valuable indicator of how well your e-shop is doing. Read more about how to effectively create NPS® in Survio in a special use case.

It is time to collect responses, what outputs does Survio offer

Survio is a versatile survey platform that not only enables you to create professional questionnaires without any deeper knowledge of what research is about, but it also allows response collection in multiple ways, such as:

Are you short of capacity to monitor frequency of completed questionnaires? No worries. Survio has a virtual guard that sends you an e-mail notification right after each questionnaire is submitted. Premium account users can also view individual answers in the e-mail.

Tip: encourage customers to provide honest answers and don’t take criticism personally. As long as it is objective and reflects reality, your weaknesses, once fixed, will turn into competitive advantage.

Tip: pay attention to a thank-you page (the last page in your survey). Provide additional information or invite respondents to your website. Your logo will personalize the survey and increase its credibility. Social media share buttons enable you to engage customers with your brand.

Survio automatically processes and analyzes collected data in real time. Results can be filtered, sorted and exported in ready-made reports. Select a convenient format (PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, .csv or Google Sheets) and you’re good to go.

Master response interpretation, evaluate the data properly

Summary results provide overall evaluation of a respondent sample to each question and can be viewed in charts and tables. Individual responses allow in-depth evaluation question by question within each submitted questionnaire.

Focus on aspects that have a significant impact on your business. For example:

Get feedback on shipping/courier service evaluation in a separate survey template. Ask about buying experience or consumer shopping trends to gather more data and launch new marketing activities.

A bit of recap before you embark on surveying

The world of e-commerce is an ever-changing landscape. Evaluating your online store lets you ensure that it’s always the best it can be - for the customers and consequently for yourself.

The feedback and experience data gathered in a long term run make a huge difference in taking your business to the next level.

The main purpose of an e-shop is to sell. To sell presupposes to have customers. The more satisfied customers, the more transactions. The more positive experience, the higher tendency to return and spread your good reputation. This, however, holds true the other way round.

Remember the following pieces of advice when creating surveys and you will never put your foot wrong.

  1. Customer-first approach never hurts.
  2. Set your goals well. Surveys don’t provide solutions. They will guide you to identify the cause.
  3. Go from small to big.
  4. Strive for maximum clarity (content, structure, navigation, design). Don’t forget about technical aspects (loading time / mobile responsiveness / page accessibility).
  5. Build reliability, trust and credibility.

Remember the following pieces of advice when creating surveys and you will never put your foot wrong.

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