How to create a website evaluation survey

How to create a website evaluation survey

Collect feedback that helps you provide high quality content and boost your business.

Website evaluation template is ideal for:

  • web developers and UX/UI designers,
  • product and SEO specialists,
  • company management.

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  • Design functional, easy and modern looking layout
  • Create relevant, attractive and SEO friendly content
  • Increase organic traffic of your website
  • Suggest new directions for website expansion

Elevate your online presence and make your products / brand stand out in the digital world. Discover how a website evaluation survey can be utilized to draw attention and increase organic traffic through your website.

What's the "why" behind your survey?

Knowing what your customer base needs or expects gives you a competitive advantage. Drive new audiences to your website, introduce your products, prove its qualities and convince prospects to buy from you in the first place.

An example of a single-choice question

Depending on how you set up your survey, the feedback will also indicate:

  1. what visitors like about your website,
  2. what makes them stay there and explore more,
  3. what is to be improved,
  4. how likely they are to return to your website.

Measuring performance of individual pages within your website renders data on frequency of visits. A website evaluation survey enables you to detect leaks in a conversion funnel, refine pages with high exit rates, and revise underperforming pages as long as performance drops.

Give a thought to what your survey will look like - a prep stage

Set your mind to a questionnaire mode and write down ideas that help you determine the basic frame of your survey.

A reference by a marketing manager

Facilitate the answering - question types and formulations

Questions are the key to responses. A well thought question together with properly selected question type prevent respondent’s confusion and skewed answers, which would make the entire survey go in vain. If you strive to get to-the-point feedback, you should

Feel free to browse through a catalogue of question types that you have at your disposal in Survio. We also recommend getting familiar with close-ended questions and the way to apply them correctly.

Encourage visitors to give you honest answers and don’t be afraid of negative feedback. Open criticism is better than shallow acclaim or no feedback at all. Focus on objective arguments, find the cause and take action. It’s a value that you and consequently your visitors will benefit from.

Tip: save some space for open-ended questions, ie. questions where respondents are supposed to use their own words to express their opinion. Responses usually have to be evaluated manually but may nudge you with new ideas and get your wheels of inspiration in motion.

Find efficient distribution channels for response collection

Survio is a versatile survey platform that not only enables you to create professional questionnaires without any deeper knowledge of what research is about, but it also allows response collection in multiple ways, such as:

A reference by a marketing manager

Survio has sophisticated analytical capabilities that automatically process and evaluate collected data in real time. You can set up your own views (summary results vs. individual answers) or create filters as to which aspects you want to monitor.

If you utilize statistical overviews, simply generate reports in the most common formats (PDF, .docx, .pptx, .xlsx, .csv or Google Sheets). It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s ready-made.

Tip: Don’t forget to test your survey before it goes live. Check it in the preview, click it in and out to make sure there are no inconsistencies, logical fails or grammatical errors.

What to do with results - evaluation and interpretation

After you’ve gathered sufficient data, it is necessary to decipher the message it holds. Confront your assumptions, conclude what shall change and how to proceed further. Let’s set some examples.

Visitors miss product details and tend to doubt whether the product is worth buying.

The description is there but poor navigation and complex website structure make it difficult to get to it.

Solution: Create a mind map of your website to see how many levels a visitor has to pass before they come across given information. Simplify the structure, reduce the categories, use straightforward terminology and your visitors won’t get lost.

You took first-rate product pictures, attached price tags but did forget to add information on specifications of your products.

Solution: Write good, SEO optimized texts that describe your products. Add feature lists, comparisons, reviews, highlight added values and don’t forget about related accessories.

Tip: surveys can well serve as public opinion polls, eg. “Vote for the best product”. What a great chance to present your portfolio and let visitors decide. Those who buy the product and have also taken part in the survey will get a discount voucher for the next purchase.

You produce a lot of online content but your website doesn’t get the visit rate you would hope for.

Monitor the traffic that passes through your website and detect pages with high exit rates.

Solution: embed a survey in the underperforming pages. Find out which topics your audience is interested in. Create a series of articles having the topics as a common denominator.

Tip: always take SEO optimization into account. Search for appropriate keywords in advance and spray them in your articles, headlines and metadata included.

Let’s sum up before you hit the survey road

Building a successful website is not an easy task. It virtually is a living organism that needs to be nurtured, well fed and taken care of. Always remember what attributes your website should have that rank as “must-have” and “nice-to-have”. Above all, focus on:

From a technical point of view, it is advisable to consider loading speed and cross device accessibility / responsiveness.

Think about your website as an online showcase of your products or services. Give your visitors reasons to come back and become promoters of your brand. If this article prompted you to think about having your website evaluated, feel free to use our website evaluation survey template to get started smoothly. Survio also offers a questionnaire template to e-shop evaluation. If you feel like getting feedback on your online store, be our guest.

Tip: use positive and praiseful responses as referrals. Publish it in a reference section on your website and support promotion of products with real-life experience from satisfied customers.

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