Event Planning Survey

Event Planning Survey

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How to unconventionally conceive a trip for children, adults and meet their expectations? Just ask in the trip planning questionnaire template and get inspiration.

The survey sample is ideal for

  • organizers of cultural events,
  • schools,
  • leisure centers,
  • associations and clubs for children and youth.

Are you going to visit a castle, theater, museum, zoo or are you just putting together a hiking trail? Make the preparation easier with this survey. Thanks to the questions it already contains, but you can freely modify them, you will find out how many people are going, whether they want common refreshments, whether the price for the trip is reasonable, what accompanying program they would welcome and lots of other useful information. Strive for the best result, but save time and work.

The questionnaire template can be fully edited. Survio will process your answers into well-arranged tables and graphs.

Trip planning questionnaire template

Dear Guests,

Thank you for your visiting our event survey. By filling out this 5-10 minute survey, you will help gauge the interest in and likely attendance of the event.

1. Will you be attending (EVENT name)?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Uncertain

2. If you will not be attending (EVENT name), please explain your reasons.


3. How did you come to hear about (EVENT name)?


4. How easy was the registration process for this event?

  • Extremely easy
  • Very easy
  • Moderately easy
  • Not so easy
  • Not at all easy

5. Who will be charged for your admittance (EVENT name)?

  • Myself
  • My companion
  • My company

6. What topics would you most like to be covered or discussed at (EVENT name)?


7. Are there any questions you would like to be addressed specifically at this event?


8. How would you most like to receive additional information regarding this event?

  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Mail
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