Pet popularity survey

Pet popularity survey

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Do you know which pet is the most popular or how people decide when choosing it? You will find out with the pet popularity questionnaire template.

The survey sample is ideal for

  • pet shop owners,
  • parents,
  • teachers,
  • manufacturers of animal feed and toys.

If you run a pet shop, you can read from this survey what goods to order and stock, because you can expect increased demand. Feed manufacturers can use the data for their marketing and promotion. Placing popular breeds and species of animals on the packaging will have a psychological effect and increase sales. For creative teachers, the survey will be beneficial in terms of examining the relationship of children to animals and their knowledge of individual species.

The questionnaire template can be fully edited. Survio will process your answers into well-arranged tables and graphs.

Pet popularity questionnaire template


Please take a few minutes of your time to fill in the following survey.

1. Do you personally own a pet?

  • No

2. Which type of pet do you think is the:

  • Type of animal

The best pet

The cutest

The ugliest

3. What is your favourite or preferred type of pet?

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Bird
  • Pony
  • Hamster

4. What type of pet would you like to have?


5. Which type of pet would you absolutely never chose to have?


6. What is your favourite breed of dog?


7. What do you consider most when buying/taking in a pet?

  • The demands of caring for the animal
  • The cost of training and care of the animal
  • The particular character or temperament of the animal
  • The purchase price of the animal
  • The safety of keeping the animal
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