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  • GDPR Compliance
  • ISO 27001:2013
  • Capterra Shortlist 2023
  • G2 High Performer Summer 2023
Dave Meyer

“I'd been searching for an online survey software to get customer feedback about my website and mobile app. After trying several apps, I found Survio to be a powerful survey tool while remaining easy to use. Customer service has been excellent and has provided quick and accurate responses.”

Dave Meyer

Dave Meyer Campuscene

Best practices sharing


Martin Marketer

As a Marketer, you can use Survio to

  • measure customer satisfaction and their loyalty
  • test marketability and price sensitivity of your products
  • check efficiency of distribution and promotion channels
  • evaluate and make appropriate adjustments of marketing campaigns

Daniel Businessman

As a business person, you can deploy Survio to

  • perform market analyses and aim at new territories / target groups
  • analyze and compare performance of your sales teams
  • work on strengthening your brand awareness
  • follow shopping trends and experience of your customers

Marie HR manager

As an HR manager, you can apply Survio to

  • measure employee satisfaction, loyalty and productivity
  • pre-select suitable candidates prior to personal job interviews
  • organize training events to increase your staff qualification
  • take precautions to retain qualified employees and prevent fluctuation

Adam Public Administration Officer

As a Public Administration Officer, you can utilize Survio to

  • support your decisions with solid and relevant data
  • check on budget spend effectiveness and search for new investment opportunities
  • identify and solve hot-button issues raised by the public
  • strengthen public satisfaction and civic engagement

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